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Netscape ate my MeFi! (More inside...)
posted by digital_insomnia to Bugs at 6:37 AM (13 comments total)

Hope I'm not doing anything bad by posting this here, but when I try to access MeFi with Netscape, I get...

The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (#cookie.user_ID#), occupying document position (261:136) to (261:151).

Date/Time: 10/22/01 06:36:33
Browser: Mozilla/4.73 [en] (Win98; I)
Remote Address:
HTTP Referrer: [unknown origin]

Any help?
posted by digital_insomnia at 6:39 AM on October 22, 2001

I know this is no help at all for this but Netscape 6.1? For the love of god, web standards and stressed web admins.


p.s. no bad. good to talk about errors. it's what MeTa is here for.
posted by nedrichards at 6:54 AM on October 22, 2001

delete your cookies and login again, and it should work.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:06 AM on October 22, 2001

Thanks for looking into this, Matt. I do appreciate it muchly.

I deleted the two cookies I found in c:/windows/cookies, but it's still a no go. Anywhere else I should look?

And ned, thanks for the support. I'm a little gunshy on posting, but figured it would be easier to see this here than to clog up Matt's email some more. Oh, and I'm one who took 2 years switching from 3.1 to Win95. Give me some time! ;D
posted by digital_insomnia at 8:54 AM on October 22, 2001

No worries. Being wary to post is a good thing! But you made the right descision to post in this case.

I understand that the whole upgrade thing can be a bit of a nightmare but Netscape 6.1/Mozilla 0.9.5 are almost as good as sliced bread. If you have a slow CPU though I'd recomend Opera as Netscape/Moz can cause undue slowness of <4/500Mhz. But really, Netscape 4.7 is the way of the devil [honest].
posted by nedrichards at 9:58 AM on October 22, 2001

If deleting the cookies didn't work, did you close and restart the browser?
posted by jpoulos at 10:08 AM on October 22, 2001

C:\Windows\Cookies is for IE, not Netscape. Netscape's cookies are probably in within C:\Program Files\Netscape\
posted by internal at 10:59 AM on October 22, 2001

ned: Well, I'm just happy I can access MeFi/Ta at all. I was beginning to worry that I had done a Not Good thing and had been banned.

I might get around to upgrading when I have a few weeks to download Netscape over my pitiful 56k connection. I got scared off upgrading when 6.0 came out and me being a creature of inertia, never got around to checking out 6.1. This also explains why I never got around to downloading Opera as well. I'm evil, but I appreciate the recommendations. :)

jpoulos: Yep, and a couple of reboots to well, boot.

internal: I thought the cookies folder wasn't browser specific? But yes, I did check my NS folders and couldn't find where it would store it's own cookies.
posted by digital_insomnia at 11:30 AM on October 22, 2001

Look for Netscape's cache folder. It might be in another folder with your user name. For example programfiles/netscape/users/bargle/cache
posted by bargle at 12:22 PM on October 22, 2001

er...\ but anyway
posted by bargle at 12:23 PM on October 22, 2001

I completely cleared out my NS cache, through the browser and manually with Win Explode... Explorer. Nothing.

As this goes on, the fear that this is something incredibly stupid on my end grows. How about I just call it happy to be here at all and that's a day?
posted by digital_insomnia at 12:58 PM on October 22, 2001

Netscape cookies are stored in a file called cookies.txt. Probably easiest to just do a search (Start -> Find-> Files or Folders...) but it should be in your Netscape directory somewhere. Don't have it installed here, so I can't look.

Good luck
posted by NsJen at 6:21 PM on October 22, 2001

I knew that it would be something blaringly obvious that I missed. You hit it, NsJen, and my satanic NS browser and I thank you profusely. :)

If anything, this has been an exercise in remembering my MeFi pass. Thanks to all of you for your help.
posted by digital_insomnia at 6:42 PM on October 22, 2001

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