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Toronto meetup June 26th? Beers on some patio sounds nice now that it's getting steamy in the city...
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As discussed among the bunnies over here.
posted by SassHat at 7:09 PM on June 5, 2006

Well, I won't be there but you can all wish me happy birthday.
posted by StickyCarpet at 7:27 PM on June 5, 2006

We'll have a toast to you, Sticky! I'll do an Irish Car Bomb in your honor.
posted by SassHat at 7:36 PM on June 5, 2006

Okay, so I'm a lurker over here but active over in MeCha, but I'll be in town from the 25th to at least the 2nd and would love to meet up with some MeFites and MeChatters. We're looking at the 26th. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
posted by elizard at 7:39 PM on June 5, 2006

No promises but I'll certainly try; beers on Monday always good.
posted by jamesonandwater at 7:40 PM on June 5, 2006

Ok so if monday is bad, we're totally open to alternate dates places...we were also thinking of one of the patios near bloor/bathurst because it's a nice central location...

Feel free to suggest alternatives!
posted by SassHat at 7:46 PM on June 5, 2006

I may be able to swing it if someone can send me a reminder.
posted by dobbs at 7:55 PM on June 5, 2006

I'm in--likewise with dobbs on the remindification.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 4:17 AM on June 6, 2006

That may well be possible. Bloor and Bathurst works for me. And yeah, post a reminder.
posted by GuyZero at 6:39 AM on June 6, 2006

The 26th works for me, and Bathurst and Bloor sounds lovely. Someone suggested Pauper's pub, oui?

Psst, Sasshat: PFL on the 22nd!
posted by heatherann at 10:49 AM on June 6, 2006

I can't commit (I've become a commitmentphobe since I got a new job), but I'd try to be there.
posted by jacquilynne at 11:58 AM on June 6, 2006

1) Jacquilynne, you have to come. Because like, I haven't seen you in forever, and you're way too nice to miss.

2) PFL. ZOMG. I seriously want to go.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 5:56 PM on June 6, 2006

I've become a commitmentphobe


If somebody knocked on my door (well, basement window, technically) I bet I would just go. Actually saying "I'll be there"..

I have three weeks to get over it though, so we'll see..
posted by Chuckles at 6:20 PM on June 6, 2006

dirtynumb: I will drop you a line if I go to this month's Pillow Fight. SassHat and I went to the last one, and it was incredibly amusing.
posted by heatherann at 8:04 PM on June 6, 2006

Our hope is that the TO mefi/mecha crew comes to surpass the usual suspects (NYC, etc) in meetup awesomeness.
posted by SassHat at 8:10 PM on June 6, 2006

Srsly, email me. In profile, etc.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 8:15 PM on June 6, 2006

Any of you folks seeing Danko Jones tomorrow? Pink Mountaintops next week? Liars the week after?
posted by dobbs at 5:50 AM on June 7, 2006

Any of you folks seeing Danko Jones tomorrow? Pink Mountaintops next week? Liars the week after?

No, but I'm doing Sharon Jones...then Calexico...then Handsome Family....

the most live music i've seen in a long time. i've been a shut-in.

The Green Room also has a nice patio.
posted by chococat at 9:27 AM on June 7, 2006

Handsome Family??!! wtf? where and when?

Calexico bores me to tears live. Seen 'em 3 times. Walked out all 3.
posted by dobbs at 1:29 PM on June 7, 2006

Arrgh. I see it's at the 'Shoe. I was *Just* there to get the PM tickets and asked who else was coming. No mention of HF or Bellrays. Arrgh!
posted by dobbs at 1:31 PM on June 7, 2006

I saw Calexico with Iron and Wine and the Docks, and although it is the worst venue I have EVER experienced, I thought Calexico were great. I love the whole mariachi horn thing and they had a Mexican singer with them who was great. I'm not so crazy about the new album, though.
Saw Handsome Family at the El Mo 3 or 4 years ago, they were great. Talked to Rennie at the door, nobody knew them then. I'm psyched to see them at the Horseshoe...$13.50!
posted by chococat at 3:06 PM on June 7, 2006

I was at that El Mo show. It was excellent. Bought Rennie's collection of short stories. I remember it as further back than that, though... 2000 I think.

And yeah, the Docks blows.
posted by dobbs at 5:06 PM on June 7, 2006

DNAB, that's so sweet. Check your email for an invite to my 'Whee! I have a new job' party.
posted by jacquilynne at 7:40 PM on June 7, 2006

The Docks probably sucks for live music, but the DJ-centric events I've been to there have been fucking incredible.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 3:45 PM on June 9, 2006

Hmm, perhaps I shall come to this. Bloor and Bathurst sounds nicely close to home.

And dobbs, I'll be at Pink Mountaintops tomorrow. I've been waiting months for this. And after the Frog Eyes/Sunset Rubdown letdown of last month, I'm doubly excited for this show. Any idea who's opening?
posted by Felicity Rilke at 3:41 PM on June 10, 2006

a monday night? hmmmmmm.... maybe.
posted by Frasermoo at 1:42 PM on June 14, 2006

I can't make it now. Babysitting my nephew.

Felicity Rilke, I hope you saw the Black Angels as they were awesome.
posted by dobbs at 9:04 PM on June 17, 2006

I caught the Black Angels, and they were awesome. It's been a long time since I caught a band I knew nothing about, and instantly fell in love. I was pleased.
posted by Felicity Rilke at 10:00 PM on June 18, 2006

Is there a specific place/time for this?
posted by jacquilynne at 7:41 AM on June 20, 2006

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