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Question regarding the new Music section: Current guidelines run along the lines of "Music you have written and/or recorded". I have an album which I helped produce, but did not write/record. I was very much involved in the creation of this album and would like to post an example or two. [MI]
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As a second note, and this may be a deal breaker, the album contains cover songs. As the production run was very limited (under 500) the advice I was given was a license was unneeded for the songs (see for example Here. But, if the powers that be are uncomfortable with this I certainly won’t post any song(s)
posted by edgeways at 10:19 AM on July 5, 2006

I'm not sure where the "it's less than 500" reasoning comes from. Note, from the Harry Fox site you linked:

12. Do I need a license for less than 500 CDs or 150 DPDs?

Yes, you still need to obtain a mechanical license if you wish to make fewer than 500 units of a physical product such as a CD, or fewer than 150 DPDs. HFA does not issue Songfile licenses for less than these amounts. You can obtain a license from HFA for the minimum number, which gives you permission to make up to that amount, or you can seek to obtain your licenses directly from the relevent publishers.

On the other hand, Matt's stated policy so far (gleaned from comments in previous threads) is, more or less, "fuck 'em, if they C&D I'll take it down."
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As for producing but not playing, that's definitely a fuzzy area. The more I get into the production/engineering side of stuff, the more I'm inclined to say, yeah! Sure!

And is it all covers, or does it just contain some along with originals? If the latter, maybe you should post one of the original tracks, provide a more-inside talking about it from a production side (I'd love it if people would go into more background/production detail about their tracks), and see what happens?
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Gah, sorry I missed that cortex, thanks for pointing it out. Was just reiterating what someone else on the project told me and did a (piss poor) quick search to back it up.

The theme of the CD was songs that the musicians fell in love with when they where young, so it is all covers.
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Yeah, I just wanted to point out the official HFA line: no free lunches. Whether or not that really matters is situational—while you're technically not in the clear selling an unlicensed disc of covers, it's only a problem if it's a problem, neh? A few hundred discs that no one knows exists...pretty low-radar stuff.

But then the covers turn out to be really brilliant, and NPR picks the story up, and you get a huge pile of attention, and then you lose every goddam penny and then some when they swoop down with righteous vengence.

I vote you post a track anyway.
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And then post an AskMe about what to do now that you've lost every penny due to righteous vengeance!
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I don't think there's anything wrong with that -- post it up, I'd like to hear the tracks.

I posted two hip hop tracks, one with me on the mic and the other one with me producing and a friend on the mic. Granted, in hip hop, a "producer" is a slightly different term than in other genres because it generally means the person lacing the beat, but I still think it's fair game in any genre because the producer can have a dramatic impact on the overall sound.
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okydoky, I'll throw few tracks up later this evening, nd cross my fingers
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Wouldn't it come down to who has actual ownership of the tracks? I assume that's the point of the "Music you have written and/or recorded" stipulation. If you were the producer, I would suspect you'd be safer if you got approval from the artist before posting anything.
Just sayin'...
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