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Is there a way to get the software metatalk is based on? I'd like to create such a site for a unique project... or something similar? or should I just go with a wiki or phpbb type site?

this would be for a small group of people to ask each other questions (no question limit or fee.) for a large extended family...
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Three years ago, Matt wrote "I'm considering GPLing the mefi code." Then a few months ago, blue_beetle asked "Whatever happened to open sourcing the MeFi codebase?" No response from Matt, so I think it's safe to say the answer is: no, you can't have the source code. As for similar software, check out some of the links on that three years ago MeTa thread, or ask in AskMe.
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no, you can't have the source code

I have a strong feeling it's more like:

You don't want this source code.

Not only would one want to clean up embarassingly pathetic legacy crap before opening up the souce code, they'd want to feel they could make some commitment to the GPL relationship going forward. This is a pretty huge step for a one-man shop who hasn't even done much fruitful collaboration with peers behind the scenes. It's also a factor that MeFi is built on a couple of technologies that aren't very popular now or toward the future, so again the incentive is less.

Not trying to give Matt a hard time here. But I think the strength of MeFi is in the design, participation of Howie himself, and the social network that built the membership. Not the code.
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You can basically tweak free-as-in-beer Wordpress to act like mefi. Metachat runs on a variant and it looks/acts the same way pretty much. You give people accounts, require them to login to post new stuff or comment on other stuff, etc.

Check out Wordpress and b2, they're both free and would fit nicely.
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I believe that MoFi is opensource.
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From holloways profile:

Reason #234 Why Metafilter should use Phpilfer: Because it's based on time-tested architectures like Apache Cocoon but it's optimised for speed and extensibility.

Reason #235 Why Metafilter should use Phpilfer: It provides a coherent mapping between URLs and plugins, and even frees you to design the url as parameters to your function calls. It's pretty sweet.

Reason #236: There's no future in Coldfusion. Bite the bullet and plan to get out.
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Phpilfer would be the duck's guts if it were ever to be finished. MetaChat runs on b2evolution and seems to work pretty well. I have used Metaphilter to develop a site before and found it stupidly easy and effective (but it's more or less gone now). FreeFilter was quite popular for a while (but it's also pretty much gone).
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I believe that MoFi is opensource.

MoFi uses Metaphilter and is run by all-around swell person tracicle.

I'd suggest joining and posting a Curious, George (MoFi's AskMe counterpart). It's fun, it's free, and I get a free banana for every referral I make!
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FWIW, tracicle and her husband are rewriting the MoFi codebase.
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You could try askeet. It not only gives out the source for free, but there is a 24-day tutorial walking you through creating the application from scratch.
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Mad props to traciicle!
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I put together a community site earlier this year (that I never really launched for a variety of reasons) using freefilter as it exists in the package at dg's link. It was pretty easy to do and I'm not excessively techie. [self-link:]
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Obligatory WebGUI plug.
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