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Last notice: you have until midnight tonight (just over 20 hours) to sign up for the current session of the MeFiSwap.
posted by Dreama to MetaFilter Music at 12:50 AM (7 comments total)

Also, it's worth noting, to avoid the MeTa-quick-scrolling-oops-off-the-page issue and the ugh-shes-posting-again issue, without missing out on future swaps, add the feed to your reader of choice (or pick it up on LJ), add key dates from the calendar to your Google calendar or heck, just remember to check in once a quarter for swapping goodness.
posted by Dreama at 12:56 AM on July 21, 2006

I registered, but I haven't gotten any confirmation. Am I in the system?
posted by Malor at 5:09 AM on July 21, 2006

I posted a cmment to the same effect on the mefiswap site... No harm in asking here to though..
posted by davehat at 5:13 AM on July 21, 2006

The continued total lack of any response to any of my attempts to register or reach you is distressing. I would like to participate!
posted by Malor at 7:39 PM on July 21, 2006

I still have heard absolutely nothing. I have emailed, I have left two comments, I have registered twice, and I have sent you messages via Yahoo IM. I am really quite perturbed.

If you don't actually WANT people to participate, why are you being so loud about recruiting them?
posted by Malor at 5:52 AM on July 22, 2006

I did finally get a confirmation notice, so all's well here. If you didn't get a confirmation today, I'd suggest letting Dreama know ASAP.
posted by Malor at 6:11 PM on July 22, 2006

I got mine too, thanks.
posted by davehat at 12:42 AM on July 23, 2006

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