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What time is it?

It's gametime. What's going down at the metafilter basketball league on yahoo, ID #95325 password "filtermeta"? For one, me -- to the floor, hard. Come and see the happy mondays play. Play basketball that is! We'll wheeze and puff so hard you'd think we were blowing down your house instead of trying to grab the rebounds of our weak 9 footers.

And the best part is that you don't have to get a tattoo of a ring of thorns around your arm like all the other athletes, unless you want to.

(12 teams in the league.) The draft begins whenever we start to fill up.
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...around your arm!?


What was I thinking?
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 4:43 AM on October 30, 2001

Me too. I wasn't aware or the arm location.

Alas, I was also unaware of the tattoo part. I thought you were supposed to use real thorns. I look like a guy who just did 15 year for armed assult godammit with all the scar tissue.
posted by Dagobert at 8:08 AM on October 30, 2001

I'm already in a league, and have been offered Kevin Garnett for Sam Cassell and Mike Finley. Should I take the deal or ask for more?
posted by brent at 10:20 AM on October 31, 2001

it all depends. the league we've got going (it's already closed, as the draft has taken place) is a points league, in which case it depends on your options. do you need a center more than you need a small forward? (does sam cassell still have any value?) those types of questions need to be asked.
posted by moz at 12:48 PM on November 1, 2001

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