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MeFi Swap 2006! Has everyone participating sent off their CDs? Has anyone received CDs? Will there be some sort of Post-Swap forum where we can compare track listings and so on?
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I'll be sending mine out Wednesday (sorry for the slight tardiness, Eggmen). I've not recieved any yet. But it's still early.
posted by ruby.aftermath at 7:01 PM on September 3, 2006

yodelingisfun, responsible person that she is, sent hers out a couple of weeks ago. Mine were sent out on Friday, and jason's_planet sent us an e-mail with the track listing of his yesterday. So swapset Dodgy's got 50% on-time mailings, at least.
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I burned mine today and will be sending them out early in the week. WH!
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Oh, and Dreama's old site did indeed have forums for such discussions, but if they still exist they aren't linked to from her main page.
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I have got two so far (thanks rpn and captaintripps), and sent mine out last week.
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My mix is mailed. The CDs have either been destroyed by the US Postal Service or will be arriving shortly.

I've also received Surfurrus's Hamajang mix CD. Which is excellent.

So, 2 people from the “Boo Radley” swapset have definitely mailed their mixes.
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As scodger notes, I sent mine out last week and dropped an email to everyone in my swapset to let 'em know. Have not received any, as of yet, but no worries.
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mine are going to be a little late going out. sorry about that everyone. hope to have them in the mail by thsi fri coming up.
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I've heard from most of my swapset in the last week. Still getting mine finished up. Long weekend!
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Mine are done, but the post office near me was unexpectedly closed, and I haven't had a chance to get to a post office less near me since I've been at a wedding all weekend. Tuesday morning bright and early, I promise.
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Booradleys Swapset.
I have received Surfurrus' Hamjang and Colloquial Collision's mix. Both are excellent. My disc got burned and packaged today. In the mail Wednesday. Sorry for the delay.
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Urr, make that in the mail on Tuesday. Tuesday, damnit.
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Mine went out this past Monday
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Didn't people used to Flickr their CD covers so that the community could check out the track listings and artwork?

Oh, and recevied 3 CDs now from my swapset. Mine are going off in the post tomorrow. I can agonise no more over the track listing...
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So far I've received a CD, a book and a payslip from 2004 (thanks whatzit, all are great!)
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My SwapSet is going out in the mail tomorrow. Taking a year of ochem in the summer really kills one's free time...
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Mine went out on Thursday - 3 day USPS (probably longer for you, patricio). Seeing as today is a "holiday," expect the coming of the CD tomorrow. Thanks for the books whatzit!
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Oh yeah, if you want a preview of what's coming... see here.
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Everything's all bloggified now, folks, so if you want to discuss what's been sent and received... comments!

The follow-up surveys will be posted sometime this week.
posted by Dreama at 2:23 PM on September 4, 2006

Also, my e-mail is borked. Every time I try to send something, GMail falls over and dies, so if you're waiting to hear from me about something, please, please try to hit me up via IM, "mefiswaphelp" on both Yahoo IM and GTalk.
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Also, one more time, I haven't reinstalled a forum because the forums were an iffy extension to things in the past and represented another parcel of work, so when my phpBB install got hacked to hell, I ditched it. Forums aren't coming back for this swap session but I'll add a question about a forum in the survey and if there's a majority interest, I'll create something.
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Mine went out. I've got email from probably 4 folks saying they're on the way - what stage of "the way" that was may be unclear.

bjork24, I got yours Friday but haven't been home long enough to listen. The listing looks great, and I love the effort/thought of extra "stuff" that make the mix/username a little more real. I would be at all of your movies this month ... if you weren't in MO! I hope the non-profit book is useful to you in making your community-oriented events a regular part of Moxie life.

paperdragon would add that his laptop is just back from Toshiba, and he's "on it." Swift kicks in the ass can be dealt as requested.
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patricio, sorry about the payslip, did I send you that? Can you tell I'm a graduate student?????!
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Mine have not gone out. Learned that a friend was traveling to the states at the end of the week & decided to wait to have her drop in the mail while she's there. (Local post is, erm, unreliable.)
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Mine'll go out this week some time, now that I've finally made the covers. Now I need to buy some blank CDs....
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Didn't people used to Flickr their CD covers so that the community could check out the track listings and artwork?

Here are mine, and I hope people follow suit. I've tagged them as "metafilter", and "meficdswap".
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I'm sad to be following such a nice one, but here's my track listings and "artwork", which demonstrates amazing use of the cut-paste-crop functions.
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Mine were sent a while ago but I live a long way away, so they may still be arriving. I've recieved one so far but I've also just moved house (swapset elastica - please send to the new address!) so haven't been able to listen yet.

It's all so exciting :D
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I haven't sent off mine yet. I haven't made up my mind. But they will be in the mail. Soon.
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Mine went out last Friday. I've received two so far. I confess, I ran out of time, but didn't want to miss the deadline, so I re-released the mix I made for the #mefiswap a couple years ago. I think only one person will receive a duplicate from last time ... (Sorry, MattR.)
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I'm in your swapset and posted my cd's out on Friday - not sure how long airmail will take to your neck of the woods.

Haven't heard a sausage from anyone else in our set.
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tomble and dogsbody: I'm in your swapset and sent mine Sept 1. Got 912greens' yesterday.
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Alright, here are my covers.

ShawnString, your cd is in the mail, and so are the ones for the rest of our group.
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That looks great whatzit. Looks like a lot of pages too. Did you print and staple it yourself? If so, how?
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Booradleys Swapset!

This was a first for me ... wow!

Colloquial Collision, I got yours first! I should have emailed you right away -- I love it! Amazing -- quite deep ... some of these I will be sharing with my classes.

Today I got yours, Crunchland -- and laughed out loud at work! 'Welcome to the Future'!! (I studied with Jim Dator, a major futurist ... I think I might make him a copy of this selection!)

Mine went out in a hurry -- and naked (I just didn't get the cd labels done and no fancy artwork like you guys) ... next time I will work on the art and plan better ahead of time!

(Has anyone sung along with the "Toad Song" yet?)
posted by Surfurrus at 1:24 AM on September 7, 2006

Here's the artwork and the track list to my mix, if anyone is interested.
posted by crunchland at 11:28 AM on September 7, 2006

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