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posted by rodii to Etiquette/Policy at 5:37 PM (15 comments total)

Yeah, that was a little strong.
posted by msacheson at 5:41 PM on October 31, 2001

I was just logging into MeTa to post the same link and comment. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who found the racism abhorrent.
posted by Marquis at 5:41 PM on October 31, 2001

I didn't see any racism there...but still a little too patriotic for my tastes.
posted by starduck at 5:50 PM on October 31, 2001

i'd say bigotry as opposed to racism. the bin laden shroud picture is bad. appalling is a good word for the whole thread. im guilty of puffy-chest prejudice, but this is descriptive base anger.
posted by clavdivs at 5:50 PM on October 31, 2001

You don't see the bigotry/racism evoked by "(towel)head", starduck?

(I love the name "starduck," btw, not to get off topic.)
posted by rodii at 5:58 PM on October 31, 2001

Oh, I'm sorry
I thought he was referring to the shroud of turin (how many times have I said THAT today).

And the name leaves me open for a lots of insults (duck is just so easily played on). Thanks for the comments.
posted by starduck at 6:01 PM on October 31, 2001

I have received email from a weird Usenet troll named Starduck. Just to continue the offtopic. Yes.
posted by bargle at 6:37 PM on October 31, 2001

Yes, I'm aware of the my evil counterpart. People who do searches for my name come up with less-than-pleasant results. That's why I changed it, I just don't feel like registering a new user name because of my ultra-low number. I can assure you it's not me.
posted by starduck at 7:20 PM on October 31, 2001

(Sorry to have digressed. How about that thread?)
posted by rodii at 7:24 PM on October 31, 2001

BlitzK is a cretin. The post pointed to above illustrates it, as do some of his other posts prior to today.
posted by Doug at 1:06 AM on November 1, 2001

From an Aussie point of view, I thought it was a piss-take on the current American over-attitude of bombing the shit out of Afghanistan.

But, I fear, that I am wrong.
posted by Neale at 2:49 AM on November 1, 2001

Not all that different from John McCain's "joke" on Letterman a couple of weeks ago.
posted by crunchland at 4:52 AM on November 1, 2001

No kidding. This kind of crap doesn't belong here.
posted by BlitzK at 1:03 PM PST on October 11

posted by y2karl at 6:30 AM on November 1, 2001

Took me a while, but I finally got the y2karl reference (gawd, if you're going to find it, kink it). (And how about dates in the list of comments-by-user?)
posted by sylloge at 10:03 AM on November 1, 2001

kink. link. kinky linky. linkkinklinkkinklinkkinklinkkink.
posted by sylloge at 10:03 AM on November 1, 2001

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