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How 'bout a MeFiSea too? There's a ton of us. Let's party. I'm free and newly relieved of domestic duties. Any idears?
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MeFiKorea get together : StWC sitting alone in his underwear with a case or two of beer and a Husker Du album cranked up only to that precise point at which his wife won't berate him. Wheee!

(I know that's a mental image you didn't really need. Sorry.)

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Clicks his heels three times....

Buegoek. Dammit, still Buegoek.
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MeFiManila? Surely there are more MetaFilistines here than just brownpau and myself.
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*pulls out the old hüsker dü collection in solidarity with stavrosthewonderchicken*

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How about MefiStLouis? I think it's just me and Brad. Brad, if you're lurking, email me and I'll treat at the Tap Room. We'll talk about where we went to high school, then debate the merits of Catholicism. Then more beer.

Somehow, I feel sure that Brad and I is more than enough Mefi for this burg.
posted by UncleFes at 8:37 AM on November 1, 2001

Well, this thread seems to be going elsewhere, but I'm all for a MeFiSea (under the assumption this means Seattle, and not "ocean-dwelling MeFi members"). Not sure where to do it, though...
posted by j.edwards at 9:56 AM on November 1, 2001

not "ocean-dwelling MeFi members"

posted by salt at 10:26 AM on November 1, 2001

Sounds good, but let's pick a safer location this time. A firehouse, perhaps.
posted by shinybeast at 10:31 AM on November 1, 2001

How about MefiStLouis? I think it's just me and Brad.

Suuuuuuure, Fes, I'll meet you at the Tap Room. How about out back, say around 6?

<highlander> There can only be one. </highlander>
posted by bradlands at 10:32 AM on November 1, 2001

MeFiSea would be fun. When the link about the Coffee Messiah owner getting arrested went up, I was totally surprised by how many MeFi'ers seemed to live within a block or two.

(I'm no longer a denzien of the "hippest neighborhood." I somehow wound up in the top of Queen Anne?!? The shame, the shame...)
posted by edlark at 10:39 AM on November 1, 2001

I was recently thinking about proposing another MeFiSea as well. But do people want it to be at a place like a coffeehouse (that has room for a dozen or so of us) or a place with some activity (like the bowling that Chicago may do)?

posted by gluechunk at 10:49 AM on November 1, 2001

Not entirely metafilter related, but there's going to be a weblog get-together in Toronto... MeFiTo I guess.

If anyone's interested it's on the 9th at Sneaky Dee's.

GTA Bloggers thing
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Well, now a dozen would be a pretty small coffeehouse, I think, but maybe if we can get more than that it'd be good to find a larger place. Bowling, ice skating, whatever's the most fun. Although wherever it happens, it would be nice if it had coffee available, for purchase, lease, etc.

And salt -- I didn't mean that we don't care about the ocean-dwelling MeFiers. It's just me, honest...
posted by j.edwards at 11:07 AM on November 1, 2001

I'm up for another MeFiSea anytime. There will probably be a certain amount of overlap with the SWUD but that's fine, I like those people too. :)
posted by kindall at 11:20 AM on November 1, 2001

There can only be one.

I am UncleFes of the Clan McFes. I was born in 1518 in the village of Fesfinnan on the shores of Loch Fes. And I am immortal.
posted by UncleFes at 11:43 AM on November 1, 2001

I'm coming to Seattle soon (I was *this* close to coming up with Jish), so let us know when you plan to do it. I'll let you know when I'm coming up. Perhaps the two shall intersect.
posted by fooljay at 12:37 PM on November 1, 2001

I'm no longer a denzien of the "hippest neighborhood."

As a remaining denizen of Capitol Hill, Ed, I can attest that we have now evolved into the "panhandlin'est neighborhood."
posted by Skot at 12:56 PM on November 1, 2001

And I am immortal.

Naw, man, you're just really, really old. ;-P
posted by bradlands at 1:20 PM on November 1, 2001

Skot - often goes with the territory. Really, you've only come full circle. There were lots of street people on Broadway when I moved there in the early 90s, but the general "Hill" population was a little more gritty and eccentric too. (Yuppies and gentrification may have "cleaned up the streets for awhile, but they end up making almost everything pretty boring in the end.) Queen Anne is nice, friendly and clean...which is fine, I's a great place to take a nap.
posted by edlark at 1:51 PM on November 1, 2001

BTW: I would suggest a little Sunset Bowl action for a MeFiSea. I suppose you can get coffee in Ballard...really, I can't imagine that you can't...just doesn't seem right, somehow.
posted by edlark at 1:54 PM on November 1, 2001

you're just really, really old

Well, that explains the crap game in my knees every morning and the ear hair. I certainly didn't see mention of either of those in the Immortal's Handbook.
posted by UncleFes at 2:07 PM on November 1, 2001

I take the fact that there are lots of street people where I live now as a sign that it hasn't gone all yuppie yet. This makes it easier to live with the fact that my mere presence here contributes to its inevitable gentrification...

Um, anyway. Yeah. Another Seattle Metafilterian get together would be fun. I'd be happy to meet in the burnt out ruins of the Speakeasy, but it'd be hard to get coffee now that nobody works there anymore, and the seats are all covered in ash and dust so we'd all end up looking pretty messy.

I've been itching to throw a roof party for a while now... hmmm...

posted by Mars Saxman at 2:45 PM on November 1, 2001

Man there sure are a lot of us Seattle-ite types! My vote goes for Sunset Bowl; I haven't bowled since I was a wee laddie, or at least since a few years ago.

Plus, bowling is sufficiently humiliating in and of itself that it acts as a social lubricant. :)
posted by hincandenza at 3:28 PM on November 1, 2001

I nominate Jack's Roadhouse on Olive for MeFiSea.
posted by y2karl at 6:25 PM on November 1, 2001

I agree with y2karl about Jack's... Quick, set up a mailing list before this thread dies!
posted by j.edwards at 11:37 PM on November 1, 2001

Jack's Roadhouse, eh... ? Intriguing- I assume that it's BYOSD*... It's certainly an easy commute for the People's Popular Front of Capitol Hill, a radical splinter group of MeFiSea. Although the "Flame"** bar and grill, just next door to Jack's where the old Hamburger Mary's used to be, has some damn good eatin' and super-strong Lon Gisland Iced Teas.

* Bring Your Own Sawdust
** I eat there like once a week, and I still can't believe they picked that as a name- it's either perfect, or perfectly clueless.

posted by hincandenza at 4:42 AM on November 2, 2001

Sawdust is for sissies--freeze dried snot 'n scabs is whatcha git!
posted by y2karl at 5:59 AM on November 2, 2001

Where's Sunset Bowl, hincandenza? I have been bowling roughly... oh... once. Sounds good to me. But I don't drive much if I can help it so the closer the place is to downtown the happier it makes me...

posted by Mars Saxman at 8:45 AM on November 2, 2001

Sunset Bowl is out in Ballard, and looks almost exactly like the bowling alley from the Simpsons episode where Homer, Otto, Moe and Apu form a team. It's uncanny.

As one of the unwashed carless, I would also vote for Cap Hill/Downtownish. Pool, anyone? There's always the cavernous Garage. Or we could just get 40s in paper sacks and go hang out watching the illicit sex at Volunteer Park.
posted by Skot at 8:53 AM on November 2, 2001

And then we could walk over to Lakeview Cemetery and pick out MeFi's plot.
posted by gluechunk at 10:07 AM on November 2, 2001

hey, could a Pierce Co. MeFi'r join the fun? I regularly make the trek from far outer Lakewood to Seattle, and am esp. fond of the Hill.
posted by epersonae at 12:46 PM on November 2, 2001

sunset bowl is open 24 hours and is right by the intersection of 15th and market in glorious ballard. if you guys wait a week or so me and will also be there.
posted by jessamyn at 1:56 PM on November 2, 2001

SB is also readily accessible to and from Cap Hill via the 43/44 line. Last run conveniently leaves Ballard at 2 a.m. (So I've heard.) ;-)
posted by edlark at 3:45 PM on November 2, 2001

And it's also accessible from downtown via the 15 (and others?).
posted by gluechunk at 4:25 PM on November 2, 2001

So what's it, where's it, when's it gonna be?

I'm so confused. How the hell should we figure this out?

Mars? Hal? Skot? Somebody?

Step up to the plate and settle it would ya!
posted by crasspastor at 5:18 PM on November 2, 2001

(all buses going to Ballard)

hey, crasspastor, you're the one who posted this thing... :)
posted by epersonae at 6:09 PM on November 2, 2001

bowling is cheap on monday nights, is november 19th too far away for everyone?
posted by jessamyn at 6:49 PM on November 2, 2001

depend$ on circumstance$ then
posted by y2karl at 8:13 PM on November 2, 2001

November 19th, eh... it sounds so far away, and yet I guess it's just two and a half weeks from now. Wow, how time can both slow down/ speed up when you're unemployed...

Hey, so I'm on the Sunset Bowl bandwagon then- and if I'm not mistaken, they even have Karaoke! Sounds like a winner... some upcoming Monday night, then? All in favor say "Cheese!"
posted by hincandenza at 9:53 PM on November 2, 2001

Did you know that Sunset Bowl is the busiest bowling center in the U.S.?
posted by shinybeast at 12:47 PM on November 3, 2001

posted by crasspastor at 5:38 PM on November 3, 2001

OK! Everyone in Orange County converge on the Trinity Broadcasting Center in Costa Mesa and mess with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS christmas light display! I get to do the Diner-style naked in the manger thing this year.

Let's all party with Reverend Gene Scott and some big haired televangelist wives! Yow~!
posted by Kafkaesque at 6:56 PM on November 3, 2001

And then there is Knucklehead Island...
posted by y2karl at 8:06 PM on November 3, 2001

to late to say cheese?

Aproximate time span of blessed event?
posted by edlark at 9:29 AM on November 5, 2001

are people still reading this thread? what time on the 19th is a good time? should a new thread be posted a few days before then?
posted by gluechunk at 12:23 PM on November 7, 2001

Yeah, I think one ought to, just to remind everyone.
posted by j.edwards at 3:02 PM on November 7, 2001

yes, please. I doubt I'll be able to be up before 7 pm, but don't let that stop anyone else from starting before then!
posted by epersonae at 9:11 PM on November 7, 2001

I'm all for the 19th- examining my otherwise packed day planner, I'm not seeing any plans for that evening. Someone should restart the thread in a few days, maybe start of next week, to remind all the people who've forgotten about this one.

Do we have any experienced event planners who'll look into rates for maybe getting 2 or 3 lanes for a couple of hours? I'd do it, but I'm like sooo fucking lazy.

posted by hincandenza at 10:56 PM on November 7, 2001

Their pricing page indicates that hourly pricing is not available on Mondays to regular folk. However, you can get an hourly rate if you set up a business party. Plus, you get free use of the scary "clean private banquet room" I'm not in the rate frame of mind now to call and see if they have that day open. Anyone wanna check? Also, is there any idea how many people will be able to stop by? 5? 10? 20?
posted by gluechunk at 1:29 AM on November 8, 2001

I'm pretty sure I'll be there.

Monday is League Night. The lanes are full. Bowling is open to everybody else after 9:00 PM.

Somebody (not me, please!) can call Jerry Klinich (at Sunset Bowl, 782-7310) during the week in the daytime. Jerry can set up a business party for the hourly rate. Apparently, there's already a business party scheduled for 9:00, but the guy I talked to didn't know if the banquet room was still available.

posted by shinybeast at 9:18 PM on November 10, 2001

I would call that guy but I'm in Denver, back Monday or Tuesday. Is there a way someone can send me a reminder of this, or do I just have to keep hitting reload here? I think Sunset BOwl has [had?] coupons on their pages. Can someone with a printer print out a bunch?
posted by jessamyn at 6:17 AM on November 11, 2001

Maybe someone should take this to MetaMail (MeMa).

Oh heck, I'll do it! I've sent out a group email to all the Seattle names in this thread (except Shinybeast, who doesn't have a listed email). I think we're pretty much settled on November 19th at Sunset Bowl, the question is a) how many of us will go, and b) who will make the reservations (if'n we actually need them)?

If'n you didn't get that email, it's cuz I didn't get your name/email from this thread. So... speak now or forever hold your peace.
posted by hincandenza at 2:22 PM on November 12, 2001

OK, OK... This one still works:
posted by shinybeast at 8:31 PM on November 12, 2001

Oh crap. I can't believe I didn't make the connection... My wife's birthday is on the 19th. Don't get me wrong. That's a good thing, but it means I won't be bowling that night, that's for sure. Oh wait, maybe I can tell her that her party's at Sunset Bowl! Yeah, that's the ticket...

Anyway, hoist a beer for me, and perhaps I'll see you all next time.

posted by shinybeast at 10:16 PM on November 13, 2001

You will be missed, shiny... Wish her a good one from all of us.
posted by j.edwards at 12:34 AM on November 14, 2001

Well... so far:

fooljay can't make it (he's in SF, and wanted to know if by chance we'd be meeting while he was planning to visit Seattle)
j.edwards says he can go. Yay, J!
skot specifically can't go because he's headed on European Vacation. Suuuure he is...
edlark says he'd love to go- any night except mondays, since he's not free on Monday nights.
y2karl may show up, but is shy about in- person meetings in case some MeFi comment he made rubbed someone the wrong way. I trust no one would hold y2karl's words against him while bowling... :)
shinybeast sounds like he could go if it were some other night than the 19th.

So maybe next Monday isn't the best night to kick this proverbial puppy in the Toughskins? And could someone with more energy than I please take charge of the organizing duties, and whip up some enthusiasm among the trips?!?
posted by hincandenza at 2:00 AM on November 14, 2001

but is shy about in- person meetings

not the other yada yada although I may have given that impression...and anyway, after 30 seconds, yackyackyack
posted by y2karl at 7:12 PM on November 14, 2001

Maybe we ought to reschedule then... Find out if we're all free when fooljay's about?
posted by j.edwards at 11:30 PM on November 14, 2001

That's what I'm thinking, yeah. Monday just isn't going to cut it...
posted by hincandenza at 1:30 PM on November 15, 2001

Hey! I'm in...
I missed the last get together and was really bummed that I didn't get to meet all you fine folks.
I'll make the time, just let me know when and where!

posted by black8 at 2:45 PM on November 15, 2001

jessamyn -- can go and will go, in any case
jane -- will most likely go

so, whatever. I'll be there at nine. I will go again when Jay is in town. My picturei s someplace on my web page, find me at the lanes. My top score is 175, prepare to be murdleized.
posted by jessamyn at 4:48 PM on November 15, 2001

So what's the word? Are we going to hit it this next Monday or do we regroup and reorganize?

In response to a little (mild) prodding from jessamyn, I'll try not to be such a slacker on my term paper so that I can lay down some pins with y'all that night. Also, if we still need to make some phone calls or whatever, let me know and I'll help out.

posted by edlark at 4:51 PM on November 15, 2001

I'll go.
posted by kindall at 8:01 PM on November 15, 2001

Yeah, I'll go to- 9pm this monday at Sunset bowls. Works for me...
posted by hincandenza at 11:19 PM on November 15, 2001

Alright, I'm there.
posted by j.edwards at 11:36 PM on November 15, 2001

I don't see why not.
posted by y2karl at 7:06 PM on November 16, 2001

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