Which posts are you most - and least - proud of? October 5, 2006 3:28 PM   Subscribe

Of all the FPP posts on the blue that you've ever posted, which one are you most proud of? And which one do you wish you'd never, ever posted?
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Of all the front page post posts?

posted by mr_crash_davis at 3:29 PM on October 5, 2006

I'm perversely proud of my deleted post, but that's mostly because I was so well-behaved growing up that being mildly bad is like going on a rollercoaster.
posted by cortex at 3:34 PM on October 5, 2006

My first post was my worst.
posted by drezdn at 3:36 PM on October 5, 2006

What's "the blue?"
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 3:38 PM on October 5, 2006

I'm most proud of my German language evolution post, and most embarrassed of my 'N Machine' post.

On the upside, Adam Savage showed up in that thread to smack down the idea of a free energy machine, so it wasn't a total loss!
posted by Effigy2000 at 3:39 PM on October 5, 2006

All of them.
posted by DaShiv at 3:40 PM on October 5, 2006

orthogonality writes "This one..., and this one..."

Oh, I should specify, I'm most proud of both of these. I'm not going to bother finding an FPP I wish I hadn't posted.
posted by orthogonality at 3:41 PM on October 5, 2006

Hunh, checking back on my one awesomely super FPP, it appears that all the YouTube clips it contained have been removed.

Way to go, National Film Board of Canada!
Protect those cartoons that my tax dollars paid for!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 3:49 PM on October 5, 2006

Didn't we just do this, like, a month ago?
posted by crunchland at 3:49 PM on October 5, 2006

Effigy2000 posted "And which one do you wish you'd never, ever posted?"

Easy: my very first. It was a post to prove a point, that links to shitty Apple products stay on the blue but links to shitty products by other companies would get deleted. I googled some random terms ("headphone" and "bluetooth"), grabbed the first link, and posted it to the blue...and got neither deleted nor MeTa'ed. So, basically, I posted shit on purpose to prove a point, and it turns out I was entirely wrong...and I ended up MeTa'ing myself.
posted by Bugbread at 3:50 PM on October 5, 2006

Nontheist Spirtuality is my best post.
posted by bigmusic at 3:53 PM on October 5, 2006

Too many to count, sorry.

I can't see my toes underneath my desk.
posted by Eideteker at 3:54 PM on October 5, 2006

The favourites of what I've posted:
- Hot sauces
- Steuard Jensen for Prom King!
- Bog house poetry

My least favourites:
- Citizenship test to buy toys
- Kind of a pointless post about faith-based initiatives
posted by Kickstart70 at 4:13 PM on October 5, 2006

Cum-eating monkey was my favorite, but I'm sure many people wish that it had never been posted.
posted by Kraftmatic Adjustable Cheese at 4:35 PM on October 5, 2006

You really didn't need to remind me of that, Mr. Cheese.

Errrgggghhh. Yuck.
posted by Kickstart70 at 4:38 PM on October 5, 2006

Hey now, monkey spooge was a fun thread.
posted by Rhomboid at 4:41 PM on October 5, 2006

My first (of four, natch), because I saw a bunch of stuff on the web, went "Wow, that brings back great memories", posted it, and it seemed to give a bunch of other people the same feeling.
posted by mendel at 4:42 PM on October 5, 2006

oh come on. the internet was largely financed through the sales of ejaculate-eating films.

and now you're gonna get all queasy because it's a chimp?

posted by fishfucker at 4:42 PM on October 5, 2006

Hmm......Equal on proudest: Kircher/Dellschau. None that I would say I wish I'd never posted, but this should have been better polished.
posted by peacay at 4:57 PM on October 5, 2006

Didn't we just do this, like, a month ago?

Yup, and a year or so ago too. But it's only MetaTalk; Miguel made basically the same post every month for years, so what's a few repeats of this one?

I kid because I love, Migs! Come back!
posted by languagehat at 4:58 PM on October 5, 2006

My first post was just a one-linker piece of crap. But my last post was exactly what MeFi was meant to provide -- exposure of an exquisitely done obscure site to a larger audience.
posted by LionIndex at 5:00 PM on October 5, 2006

My personal top 3: Joe Kittinger, The Boys in the Bank, and In Cold Blood.
Most of my early posts are pretty crappy.
posted by kirkaracha at 5:27 PM on October 5, 2006

Effigy2000 do you have an interest in cocktails?
posted by caddis at 5:30 PM on October 5, 2006

hmmm, I guess I should read the comments first, as the hat has beaten me to the punch.

As for my posts: fun and fun, serious and serious. The worst stuff was mercifully deleted, thank you Matthew.
posted by caddis at 5:40 PM on October 5, 2006

I love all my children equally.
posted by jonson at 5:48 PM on October 5, 2006

All my turds have been stricken from the record. Of course, I only have 15 posts and none of them real grand slams, either. I'm destined for the MeFi minors. I can only hope Matteo pulls a hammy or something.
posted by absalom at 5:51 PM on October 5, 2006

I've only made two, and both, in hindsight, are pretty mediocre. The photo one is clearly better. But I still think the 50 ways one is hilarious, and screw all of you who disagree!
posted by danb at 6:28 PM on October 5, 2006

My first post was over six and a half years ago, geez. I think I liked one from just a few months ago the best.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 6:52 PM on October 5, 2006

This was my worst post, and I can't decide which was my best, but I choose the frank zappa post only because I stumbled upon the page while searching for something else (ie I didn't see it on some blog )
posted by dhruva at 6:52 PM on October 5, 2006

I was a newb. I had NOT lurked for years, as many do now before trepidatiously signing up and posting their AskMe question. Shit. I was shown the site. I signed up. That was the way we did things before the 2 year clampdown.

I wish I could blame it on being a newb. But the truth is, I wasn't just a newb. I was a fucking asshole when I posted this World Weekly News headline to the front page.


And that just goes to show you newer newbs how much things have changed around here. There was no fucking flagging. There was no fucking Jessamyn. Matt would maybe look in on his lunch break but even he was too busy helping revolutionize the intarweb to really give a shit.

Oh how things have changed. Well, except my being an asshole.
posted by scarabic at 7:09 PM on October 5, 2006

I think I like my Donald Cammell post best of my (very few) FPP's (but the Underground French Cinema and the Thylacine Museum are close seconds). My very first one was deleted as a double, but the one which stands in its stead as my first FPP still on record is pretty crap (as is the Sinister Dolls one...which is distressingly much more recent...oh well...).
posted by biscotti at 8:00 PM on October 5, 2006

I've made 4 posts on the blue, and instantly regretted each one. not the links so much as the style; most of the wording is uninformative and/or has no 'pop'. I thought I did a bit better with the HiRISE stuff, but I still wasn't happy with it. despite all that, I'd say my favorite is my first (to bring it up yet again of late), The Mayday Mystery. now, everybody go look at all my posts and comments and start favoriting!

// off topic: it is soo frustrating to see "2 posts tagged with [foo]...Displaying 1 through 2" and then getting only one post. for example.
posted by carsonb at 8:06 PM on October 5, 2006

There was no fucking Jessamyn.

Poor Jessamyn...
posted by jonson at 8:40 PM on October 5, 2006

This is probably my favorite. This rambling thing is pretty fucking weak, in my view.
posted by brundlefly at 12:50 AM on October 6, 2006

My Orwell post is my favorite, with my post-mortem hobbies post a close second. I can't believe how prescient the man's writing has been; I keep coming back to it for citations. I've had a couple doubles happen, which were summarily deleted.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 1:47 AM on October 6, 2006

Don't really have a fave, but I definately have a worst. post. ever. that I think could challenge the lot of you.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 4:45 AM on October 6, 2006

I think I got the best response for the one I made about Samorost, or the story of a man and his hole. But as far as the most interestingly crafted front page post, I'll go with this one.

As for the one I'm most ashamed of, it would have to be this one, in which Evanizer rightfully put me in my place. It's agenda-filter at its worst.
posted by crunchland at 5:09 AM on October 6, 2006

My best posts are the ones where the link pretty much speaks for itself. I've failed pretty much every time at making mediocre links interesting through cleverness.
posted by empath at 6:05 AM on October 6, 2006

crunchland-- you were right though.
posted by empath at 6:07 AM on October 6, 2006

Don't really have a fave, but I definately have a worst. post. ever.

Are you kidding, Civil_D? That was a great post—I just went back and reread the whole thread with undiminished pleasure. (Of course, I can enjoy baseball talk because the Mets are up two games to none...)

My own favorite post was this one, which is one of the few times I've actually accomplished some measurable good in this world.
posted by languagehat at 6:37 AM on October 6, 2006

Well, I think the mistake was that I did it only about 6 months after 9/11... the wounds were too raw. I have recently heard pundits make the same point that I made then, though, and It'd be interesting to hear what evanizer has to say these days.
posted by crunchland at 7:06 AM on October 6, 2006

I'm pretty happy with all of my posts. One exception is this knee jerk Bali bombing post. frecklefaerie pointed it out [there were a heap of comments related to my post wording deleted - they probably should have stayed, it was a crap way to post about a (for me) significant event. I was a bit tired and emotional]. The other is this MetaTalk post. I don't think I did the wrong thing by pointing it out but it hit me quite hard when mathowie suspended the posting privileges on the account. You seemed okay about it jonson (and I'm thankful for that) but it felt somehow… dirty and I won't do anything like it again.
posted by tellurian at 7:26 AM on October 6, 2006

Tellurian, absolutely don't worry about it! It wasn't like the posting was any kind of secret that you were telling, any more than my twin accounts were any kind of scam. Apparently I did something I shouldn't and I won't be doing it again, no biggie. Although Matt's "I must do what is within my power to prevent this from happening again" statement made me think he needed to visit this place.
posted by jonson at 9:53 AM on October 6, 2006

It wasn't in the blue, technically, but I am most proud of the very first thing I posted to Metafilter, the question about Asian stereotypes of other Asians.

I am least proud of the Ultimate Fighting Cats Video.
("Check out these testosterkitties. . . " Oy.)

As for the other 14 FPPs, they're not too shabby. I like 'em. Other people find them enjoyable and fun. But for the life of me, I can't really pick a favorite out of the bunch.
posted by jason's_planet at 11:26 AM on October 6, 2006

All of my front page posts were embarrassingly wretched, which is why I just stopped. FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
posted by Skot at 12:19 PM on October 6, 2006

I shouldn't post when angry; nor editorize; however it provoked an interesting discussion. This was lazy and sucks.
posted by adamvasco at 12:56 PM on October 6, 2006

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