Caching issues, maybe? November 6, 2001 8:27 PM   Subscribe

Whenever I have visited MeFi index.html today, and I am not logged in, I only see posts up to about 10 a.m. today (11/6). (I use a lot of public machines over the course of the day, so that's why I'm never logged in. It's also why I'm sure it's not a cache issue.)
posted by rschram to Bugs at 8:27 PM (3 comments total)

Had the same experience--when I log in it's fine.
posted by feckless at 9:00 PM on November 6, 2001

posted by wassock at 12:54 AM on November 7, 2001

I finally fixed this. I turned on file caching, to save on resources, and it was caching the static page for more than a day. It should work now.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:19 AM on November 7, 2001

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