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Lofi Mefi's style sheet suggests a text and background color for body (black on white). This is fine unless some moron (i.e., me) has default colors of mint green text on a black background with white links. The mint green and black background are overridden but the white links end up on your white background.

Assuming a user's default link color is blue could lead to unreadable links, so please add at least colors for links (there already is a color on a:hover, but no background). (Alternately, if you want, remove all color suggestions from the style sheet.)
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Oh, and it's not like this is a problem for me, but it could be for others. It's just good practice, too.

I also noticed that the preview button for MetaTalk still says 'Preview the Link,' which sounds a little silly sometimes (just 'Preview' makes sense for all types of MeTa posts). This isn't a bug, of course.
posted by gleemax at 2:24 AM on November 10, 2001

Is there anybody out there?
posted by gleemax at 4:15 PM on November 10, 2001

Gleemax! I am here, and I must commend you for an exceedingly important and well-expressed—as are so many of the points which you so generously make here—contribution to this forum we love and to which we owe so much—and you, my friend, are one of the good guys, one who truly contributes in the spirit that makes this place so great. Legibility, any writer will tell you, rules, whether on the net or in a newspaper. So gleemax, my friend, in the interests of learned and literate discourse, I salute you!
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posted by rodii at 6:31 PM on November 10, 2001

Now that's funny. I was just feeling alone. :P
posted by gleemax at 6:35 PM on November 10, 2001

sorry gleemax. like I said before the lofi page was just a five minute hack to test the waters, and eventually, I'll offer an option in the mefi settings to view the entire site in that format or the current one. I will de-specify link and body colors when I do launch it, so you can see the site in your browser defaults.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:40 PM on November 10, 2001

I feel like a usability nazi or something. Quick, shoot me before I start growing sideburns!
posted by gleemax at 12:03 AM on November 11, 2001

By the way, it would be great if setting the lofi option applied to MetaTalk too.

You know, when it exists and all.
posted by gleemax at 12:04 AM on November 11, 2001

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