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This sort of misogyny is just not on.
posted by econous to Etiquette/Policy at 10:21 PM (33 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

I call shenanigans and premeditated pot-stirring.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 10:24 PM on December 20, 2006

As long as you don't say my beaver is fruity, what's the problem?
posted by ottereroticist at 10:28 PM on December 20, 2006

Good thing we're here to defend the ladies.
posted by smackfu at 10:29 PM on December 20, 2006

Damn, I've been waiting for my very own callout for years, and this lame crap is what I get? Please, pick something more controversial and try again.
posted by IronLizard at 10:31 PM on December 20, 2006

Et tu, econous, with the gruesome rape parable in the other MetaTalk thread? I don't know what's up your ass. Please explain yourself.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 10:35 PM on December 20, 2006

Um, that's not misogyny, it's stupidity. There's a difference.
posted by dobbs at 10:35 PM on December 20, 2006

Holy shit, jessamyn, you let that comment live??? If I knew who this ?#?$>@ was I'd report him to the cops.
posted by IronLizard at 10:38 PM on December 20, 2006

More and more I wonder who is running "econous", and why.
posted by cortex at 10:45 PM on December 20, 2006

Uh, well, it is kind of misogyny, in a very basic "girl parts are funny ha-ha" kind of way, but if I can't get worked up about an obvious dumb joke (and I even kind of agreed about the "fruity" thing) it is probably not that bad.
posted by SoftRain at 10:47 PM on December 20, 2006

What dobbs and cortex said. econous should resume huffing the 'amonium nitrate' any time now.
posted by peacay at 10:48 PM on December 20, 2006

Yes, it's "let's be offended" day here on Metafilter. Stand by for thrills and chills as:

Someone uses the word "niggardly"!

A user is "gypped" out of their life savings!

The french are once again referred to as "cheese eating surrender monkeys"!

You can even play along at home. Ask your wife what size pants she's wearing these days. Ask your husband if you can call someone who really understands plumbing/carpentry/auto repair to look at the problem. Tell your children that their parents still have sex on a regular basis.

Yes, the only thing that possibly beats the joy of being offensive in this world is the joy of being offended! So remember -- be offended, early and often!
posted by tkolar at 10:50 PM on December 20, 2006 [5 favorites]

Perhaps econous means that IronLizard's comment just isn't sufficiently misogynous. I mean - how is that ugly little rape fantasy a parable?
posted by bunglin jones at 10:50 PM on December 20, 2006

The third comment in a thread about special effects and it's about beavers. I'm not so naive as to believe it was referring to the furry kind.
posted by econous at 11:03 PM on December 20, 2006

Explain yourself to the Librarian, econous, and prepare to have your knuckles rapped with a ruler. And jess, I have this 50 lb. solid steel ruler with spikes that I heated the rapping end red hot for you to use. With any luck, eco won't be able to type for a month...
posted by wendell at 11:03 PM on December 20, 2006

Well, we can only hope it's a fantasy. Besides, what do the different varieties of beaver have to do with misogyny (I had to look this word up)? I mean after all, the internet is for....
posted by IronLizard at 11:04 PM on December 20, 2006

Nope, it wasn't referring to the furry kind, except insofar as "furry" means "unlike those Britney pics," but that ain't what jessamyn asked, econous. She asked about your bizarre rape fantasy comment in comparison to the relatively mild—even somewhat affectionate—slang term for female genitalia, which you described as misogynistic.
posted by cgc373 at 11:05 PM on December 20, 2006

Not only that, clicking on the links provided nothing but an hour long wait for content to pop up. What self respecting pron site would allow THAT?
posted by IronLizard at 11:05 PM on December 20, 2006

Econous is a twat.
posted by Wolof at 11:08 PM on December 20, 2006 [3 favorites]

Oh, and for the record, I'm with stavrosthewonderchicken in figuring this post to be basically a wind-up. It's probably attempting to poke fun at the earlier debate regarding fruity. And failing, to my eyes.
posted by cgc373 at 11:10 PM on December 20, 2006

This is so upsetting. I mean, I made a comment custom tailored to elicit vehement response just a day ago, and the only thing I got was a nasty email (I responded with a picture of a penis being stuck into a raccoons mouth that I found here). Why can't i get a decent callout?
posted by IronLizard at 11:14 PM on December 20, 2006

And now let's get an explanation from eco as to what constitutes a furry vs. non-furry beaver... note that I linked to a picture of two bald beavers myself.

The old 'childish giggling over animal names used as slang for body parts' is 99.95% LESS misogynous than eco's 'parable'. Excuse me, I have to get up... my cock is crowing.
posted by wendell at 11:15 PM on December 20, 2006

I think this tops the other two threads as the most confusing thread of the week. Any challengers?
posted by bob sarabia at 11:15 PM on December 20, 2006

But we all KNOW what "IronLizard" is a euphemism for...
posted by wendell at 11:16 PM on December 20, 2006

And the Internet is for Prawn.
posted by wendell at 11:19 PM on December 20, 2006

WTF? "I was hoping for a different variety of beaver" is about the least offensive thing I've read here lately.
posted by leftcoastbob at 11:19 PM on December 20, 2006



Where are you?

Like that?
posted by cgc373 at 11:20 PM on December 20, 2006

I take offense at being used as a prawn in another battle. Err, pawn. So there.
posted by IronLizard at 11:21 PM on December 20, 2006

I just read Econous' rape comment. Ew.

I believe the technical term is projection.
posted by ottereroticist at 11:27 PM on December 20, 2006

Would anyone mind if I closed this? I'm confused and a little sleepy. Mathowie's (trying to be) on vacation and tomorrow is the Solstice.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 11:28 PM on December 20, 2006

Hey, let's shoot another pr0n in the RV!
posted by loquacious at 11:28 PM on December 20, 2006

No, the sooner this is closed, the better.
posted by bob sarabia at 11:32 PM on December 20, 2006

It won't bother me if you close it, jessamyn. I suspect it's a troll.
posted by cgc373 at 11:39 PM on December 20, 2006

Thanks. Happy shortest day of the year everyone!
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 11:43 PM on December 20, 2006

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