Anonymous users ever outed themselves on purpose? December 29, 2006 10:05 AM   Subscribe

Has an anonymous asker ever outed themselves on purpose? Some questions (like, say this one, or any one of a hundred questions about looking for a new job) seem like after some future event, a non-anonymous followup would not be out of place. Has it ever happened? Even once? Anyone want to do it now?
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Fine. I was the woman in an adulterous relationship with an older male authority figure. It was Zeus. He gave me the thunderclap.
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Damn you, cortex, and your punny sarcasm.
posted by Plutor at 10:10 AM on December 29, 2006

Here's one who outed himself, but, I think, accidentally.
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Yes, it's happened.
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obloquy: "Yes, it's happened."

Wow. It's a good thing we at Metafilter never shut the fuck up; we might notice interesting things like that then.
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I did - I asked a question at one point about dealing with latent racist thoughts and asked it anonymously because admitting that I sometimes think racist things wasn't something I wanted to do. When I was later robbed by a couple of black guys in my house, I pointed to the original anonymous thread as something that really worried me about the whole situation - I thought it was important enough to not worry about the anonymity thing. Though, the fact that people in the 'racist thoughts' thread were really nice and helpful played into that, too.
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My husband just died.
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Not my question, but the only self-outing I could remember over the last year.
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one_bean, I didn't see anybody stepping in there to say they went to court. Are you saying you were the anonymous party?
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I KNOW I've seen a handful of after-the-fact self-outings. There was a post here on MetaTalk from someone thanking the community for their help in a string of anonymous questions, all of which were linked. And I remember one in an AskMe thread itself - it might have been an OMG MY GIRLFRIEND IZ FAT question. I'll peruse the archives once I'm done eating my chicken masala.
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Hurry it up, there, granted. Inquiring minds wait for few birds, yo.
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FINE. It was lukewarm anyway.

Here's the first one I was talking about. The last four links are to questions asked anonymously.

Please hold for Part 2.
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Eh, I can't find it. But it happened, I tell you!
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That's okay, granted. You're a trouper for digging up that first link. It's a doozy. Thanks.
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You got it. I went to court and it was dismissed.
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I have the strangest urge to say, "Cool beans," so now I have.

Cool beans, one_bean. Thanks.
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I outed myself (deliberately, because I suddenly realized I had nothing to hide) in an anonymous thread I posted about a mysterious restraining order a police officer in Connecticut "reminded" me about, but one I now know for a fact never existed in any of the locales where it could have been filed.

I also outed myself by using a sockpuppet account instead of an anonymous post, and then linking to an earlier related question I had posted using this account.

Mefi detectives, go!

Also, all the my-penis-is-too-big-for-my-girlfriend questions were mine.
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First one is easy.
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In the spirit of a new year and all that: I'm still single.
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Hey, loiseau, you wanna get a drink sometime?

This is funny because 1) I am not awesome and 2) I don't drink.
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Okay. Fine. I get it. It's not funny.
I'll go now.

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tee hee
posted by loiseau at 12:32 PM on January 2, 2007

Wait, does that mean it was funny?
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I don't know I'M SO AWKWARD
posted by loiseau at 11:58 PM on January 2, 2007

[It's MetaTalk, so the derail is de rigueur, but I can't tell whether I ought to continue this "joke" or not. Anyone with any opinions on this matter is welcome to chime in. You're also welcome to critique my "mocking" "quotation" "marks" because they don't make sense to me either. In any case, thanks for playing along, loiseau. You're awesome.]
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