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I haven't seen anything about this yet, but Metafilter is nominated for a Bloggie this year in the "Best Community Weblog" category.
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Ranty comment about inappropriateness of many nominations and about pointlessness of awards in general, ineffectively veiling jealousy and bitterness at not having special snowflake status reinforced
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They just need to quit it with this pointless nomination shit and just get it over with and declare MeFi the One True King, Sovereign, and Ultimate Winner of the Internets For All Time.

Nominations. Heh. Like it's a fucking democracy or something. It's a fucking pwnage, more like.
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I always secretly hope I'm one of the special finalist-choosing committee but it hasn't happened. Otherwise I love the bloggies, even though there's always some dumb finalists there are also always cool new blogs to be discovered (I try to read all the blogs in a category before I vote). Still, I nominated some awesome blogs that didn't make it through.
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Can I blow my nose in a BLOGGIE™?
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Isn't the "Bloggie" statue a coil of pointy metal bits with text stamped on them?

I suppose you could blow your nose in that if you don't mind the free lobotomy that came with it.
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What strange competition. Other than digg they are very very narrow communities.
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One of my main memories of 2006 will be the invasion of Lebanon. Like thousands of people all over the world, I spent those days obsessively reading Mazen Kerbaj's blog. To laugh and cry at his drawings, read his commentary, listen to his music, and, well, make sure he was still alive. It was a constant reminder that it wasn't just politics; actual human lives were in play.

When I realized Kerbaj was nowhere on this list, I got so mad I actually threw up a little.
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I'll never forget last years Bloggies. We all sat in the first two rows as the nominations were read, holding hands and biting our lower lips. Matt still had a little juice from his prime rib dribbling down his chin but it didn't matter - he had reached the apex of blogger recognition. Anticipation turned to disappointment however as Boing Boing snagged the award right out from under us.
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Oh, poop, that's not gonna work if you haven't gone to PostSecret first, right? It's the Scrabble one.
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I always secretly hope I'm one of the special finalist-choosing committee but it hasn't happened.

Well, I was this year, but still, there are MANY panelists, and very few of my choices got through. I didn't have a say about the community blog category, though.
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Sorry, Metafilter, but Oh No They Didn't totally has my vote. Maybe next year.
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I have no idea why that's all in bold.
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