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It seems our fearless leader has a little New York Times thing going on in tommorow's paper. Unless there's another Matthew Haughey who writes tech stuff.
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naw, that is me. Here are all my teeny reviews. I haven't done one in a while.
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That's the least Haughey-esque bit of Haughey I've ever read. So clean and plain and markety. It's like Haughey from an industrial sandwich press or something.
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Oh yeah, a 200 word limit is hell, plus I can't use the word "I" which is how I write everything from the first person.

They cut out half of what I wrote to distill it down to the very basics so it comes out almost like a software manual in the end.

I wanted to say how much I loved the device and how I've had four different wireless points from different companies and even though Apple's stuff is expensive, it's the only wireless router I've had last more than a year. I've never had one die on me, and I have a stack of overheated, dead linksys, d-link, and other routers in a box somewhere.

I had a whole paragraph on all the new features that didn't fit.
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Uh, let's trim that up a little:

I like to talk about myself. Apple is expensive. I break things.

much better.
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btw mat, is it at all possible to add the little "link" "I" and "B" buttons (like there is in lower right hand corner in the comment box) to the MeTa posting area. I'm kinda HTML stupid, and it took me a while to figure out how to do links and stuff.
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yeah, I need to add the HTML buttons.
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Is mathowie gonna be a daddy? My dad sold out when mom got preggers too.
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Maybe I should say 'again'? Of course it's never too early to start that college fund.
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davy, you know the NYT pays a pathetic amount to freelancers, right? I do it for the ego boost of being in the NYT and because some editor liked my blog and asked me.
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Are we CERTAIN that "Matt Haughey" is "Matt Haughey" of "'the NYTimes' Matt Haughey"?
Because my mailman's name is Matt Haughey, and my softball coach was named Mr. Haughey and I've been a fan of Howie Mandel for years.
Please work the problem, people!
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802.11n is up to 200mbps. I suppose you could go multichannel in your home, or something, but many PCs now come with gigabyte Ethernet ports built in. And the cards aren't expensive these days either. And you can get a gigE hub for $109 these days.
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As a freelancer myself, I say, good on ya, haughey! NYTimes! W00t!
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Does that make Matt, like, the Judith Miller of Tech? Or the Jayson Blair?
I keed because I insanely jealous.
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Naw, seriously, that's actually pretty cool. Next step: World domination.
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*crosses middle and ring finger*

West side, represent!

*realizes that he lives in the mid-west and has no homies.*


Always like to see our fearless leader getting press. No coverage is bad coverage, right?


unless that coverage is you trying to pull the eye-teeth out of an endangered ape for the sweet supposed narcotic effects, and then all of a sudden you are a 'bad guy' or a 'poacher'.

Fucking monkey lovers...

That said, Yay for Matt!
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I don't really understand this article format at all. Not a knock on Matt, but it's so space limited that you end up with a condensed marketing press release.
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you end up with a condensed marketing press release.

Which is what the Times is all about. Anyway, congrats, Fearless Leader!
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I just finished reading the piece five minutes ago and thought it addressed some questions I've had about the 802.11n standard that I've had for awhile. I've wanted to upgrade my router and this fits the bill. Thanks, Matt.
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"Are we CERTAIN that 'Matt Haughey' is 'Matt Haughey' of '"the NYTimes' Matt Haughey"?'"

No, it's actually Ed Helms.
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You just know they're all over there arguing now about whether they get to call him "The New York Times' Own Matt Haughey."
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I typically stay out of the subculture that travels with 'the blue' but what is with the attitude towards someone who has written an article in the NYT? Sold-out and I like to talk about myself bullsh*t?

Good for him is what I say. Published in the NYT and has an highly active website which is spawning (I found Metajobs last night btw - cool!)

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