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Washington, DC meetup this Sunday (day after tomorrow)?! I'm going to DC for a job interview on Monday. I'll be staying with my brother in Mt. Pleasant (the job is in Reston). Come meet me and give me advice about whether or not I should move to DC. Sorry for the short notice, but I wasn't sure this was happening until recently.
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Another possibility is Monday night, when I have plans in Columbia Heights until about 9:30. But I'm assuming that Sunday would be better.
posted by bingo at 3:05 PM on February 23, 2007

Oh, and I think it would have to be Sunday evening, as I'm not getting into town until about 5:30. I guess I could switch to an earlier train if that would make a big difference.
posted by bingo at 3:13 PM on February 23, 2007

OK, Sunday evening. I think we can work with this.

I also work in Reston and I can tell you that unless you're married with children, Reston is probably not a place you want to live. You'd do better with Arlington or DC. But of course that will be the topic of discussion at the meetup.
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Wish I could...sorry and good luck with the interview Monday.
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Heh. I grew up in Reston. These days it's like a mini version of Tysons Corner, except without the road infrastructure to support all the traffic. I'd guess your interview is in one of those giant cuboidal office buildings off the toll road, eh?

Props for the quality musical reference in your post title.
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Parmanparman will definitely make this one. Anyone interested in Pilar on 13th and U near the Black Cat? I will get some others involved too.
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I'm pretty sure I can make it.
posted by necessitas at 7:35 PM on February 23, 2007

Maybe. I'll be in DC tomorrow night...we'll see if I feel like making the trek two nights in a row.
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FYI: Sunday evening is supposed to mark the midpoint of a DC ice storm.
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Unfortunately I really have no choice. I'll be at Pilar as per parmanparman's suggestion above, circa 6pm. Anyone who shows up can rant to me about the evils and goods of DC. Then I can say I've been to meetups in three states, whoo hoo.
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Just think, NortonDC...I might be at every DC meetup from now on. Showing up tomorrow night might be the only way for you and onlyconnect to talk me out of it and prevent that from happening. :)
posted by bingo at 3:57 PM on February 24, 2007

Sorry bingo, this native floridian is a weather wimp. I'm going to have to pass on the meetup tonight!
posted by necessitas at 9:09 AM on February 25, 2007

My own short notice, the weather, my uncertainty about when I'm getting there, my lack of familiarity with the area, the fact that I have to get up for an interview the next morning, and the general lack of enthusiasm I'm feeling here lead me to believe that this isn't such a great idea.

Thanks parmanparman and heydanno; there will be other days; my brother lives in DC so I'll be down there once in a while whether I move there or not.
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Sorry, Bingo, I didn't see this until it was too late. But it's probably a good thing you cancelled -- the news is warning everyone to stay inside now. It's lovely out, but COLD and SLIPPERY!

But hey, come to DC, and welcome, and good luck at the interview!
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Alas, this is a no-go for me. I'm going to hiberate with video games and red wine tonight.
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I'm also realizing that it's Oscar night. Far be it from me to suggest anyone leave their home on Oscar night during a snowtorm.

Anyway, it's already 6:30, and I'm still at the train station, so it wouldn't have worked out very well.
posted by bingo at 3:32 PM on February 25, 2007

Heh. I just noticed the title of this post. Awesome.

Also: WTF is up with the trains today? My friend got stranded here in Baltimore for four hours because all of the trains to NYC were sold out.
posted by youcancallmeal at 4:55 PM on February 25, 2007

I'm at Tryst right now, watching the oscars. If any of you happen to be here, ping me.
posted by bingo at 6:46 PM on February 25, 2007

damn. missed another.
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