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I just wanted to call myself out. As Mark Twain said there are Liars and Damned Liars. And then there is me. Some where in between. I just wanted everybody to not go after Granted for calling me out. Granted it's ok. It was only a matter of time. But I want to assure you, and he, that the "essence" of my stories are indeed true and where they are not "truth" let that not interfere with your enjoyment of them. Even IF said enjoyment is directly proportional to mocking me. Which I not only deserve but enjoy. The question is is THIS the right venue for these sotries? Perhaps we need a "Stories" section. Robocop is Bleeding would have a much deserved creative outlet. And there would be place for my Damnable Lies. Wouldn't THAT be awesome! Anyway. Those of you that wish verification from here on out I will try to create some mechanism for that where I can. Where it won't ruin the point of the story. But I warn you... if, like me, your high is derived from being cynical you may be disappointed in the dull sobriety of the exercise.
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I dunno man, I mean "yes" to the stories idea, wholeheartedly, and a resounding "no" to the verification thing. Also, I would hope that, even were there a "stories" section, you and robo and others would continue to write your little gems right there in the blue... it is enormously satisfying to find one of these l'il nuggets in the midst of all the bloviating.

What I mean is, they're unexpected and (usually) sort of tangentially related to the subject at hand, as experienced in MetaFilter threads; but in a stories section, well, one would expect to find stories and nothing but.
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there is a perfectly good MeTa thread a little bit down the page where this would fit in just nicely.
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