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???, NYC! It's almost time to ring in the Boar! Since nobody's suggested a meetup for the Chinese New Year, I figured we could find someplace to hang on February 5th. Naturally, any venue with Sonny & Cher on the jukebox is a must, as would be any old Disney memorabilia. Who's in?
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I really must protest. Well, not really, but I will. It's Political Correctness Gone Mad* I tell you! Year of the Pig if you please, and no prettying up. Next you'll be telling me the Snake is a Little Dragon.
* Those magic 'I am a frothing loon' words
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Well, as a former New Yorker who wandered into Chinatown many years ago on Chinese New Year and narrowly escaped the intense barrage of firecrackers with eardrums barely intact, I can only suggest that you folks stay well north of Canal street. Or do it in Brooklyn.
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And, do it sometime before the year 2019.
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Plus, all the cool kids are bigging up Septuagesima this year anyway.
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Ummm, I don't get it.

Didn't the Chinese new year already happen?
posted by Afroblanco at 9:34 AM on April 1, 2007

Or is this, like, an April Fools thing?
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April Fools, I guess?
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that, or, like me, they keep missing the metafilter NYC meetups for some lame reason, and would like to remedy that.

in a slightly confused manner.
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In that case, hells yes. After that, let's do Halloween.
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On the upper west side.
posted by bingo at 11:16 PM on April 1, 2007

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