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Ahoy, scurvy sea dogs! After looking around AskMe for MMORPG recommendations, I've become addicted to Puzzle Pirates. I am having fun all by myself, but I was wondering if any of my fellow Mefites would care for a rumble or a good pilly. I'm Otterlee on the Viridian Ocean and I'm a member of Floruit Ab Intra. E-mail is in profile if ye want to parley.
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I'm yaar on the midnight ocean
posted by necessitas at 10:16 AM on April 1, 2007

I'm Jacquilynne on Midnight.

I know there are a few other MeFites out there playing, but don't know of any on Viridian, specifically.
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The Goon organization for PP is fantastic. A lot of help from your peers, and there's _always_ a boat out grabbing up some lewt and shooting the crap out of other boats.

Of course, it being a Goon guild, the name of the group is The Salty Mouthfulls
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I'm Deliagrey on Viridian. Damn you for making me think of PP again and start playing. It took a lot of electroshock to get me to forget about it.
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The fresh sea air is calling you....
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Alright, Biblio, I'm back in. Is there a PM feature on PP? I'm based on Kirin I., and I don't really have a crew, so if you are inviting... When do you play?
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Damn it. I had never heard of this, but now I can't stop playing.
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Alexipargo twas me name,
Flag officer in me crew I was,
Stopped playin though, oh what a shame!
Had me no reason twas jus because...

Seriously that game ate my life.
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That game totally ate my last night. I'm tempted to play again, except for a couple of things, the biggest being the "doubloons -> pieces of eight" conversion crap. They really, really, really want you to buy doubloons, huh? That kinda sucks.
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Yeah, but the subscription prices are even more. And it is a small price to pay for the pride of being a Legendary Bilger.

(i'm stinkfinger on Hunter)
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Uh, yeah, they want you to buy doubloons, that's how they make money. And allowing you to trade PoE for Doubloons and vice versa is how some people are able to freeload (by paying PoE for the things they want, plus PoE for the doubloons for the things they want) and others are able to get rich quick (by selling doubloons for PoE). If you don't like the micropayment model, there are subscription oceans which are cheaper for a hardcore player, and don't have the credit card monarchy issue.
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And you can play either set of oceans (doubloon vs. subscription) without paying anything--you'll just have to accept that you can't do everything, like own a ship or run a crew. You can still go out and pillage, though, and that's the fun part.

(I'm Cluff on Midnight.)
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