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The thread I posted earlier has had it's link redirected away from the low bandwidth "printer-friendly" version to the high bandwidth version. Why?
posted by NortonDC to Bugs at 9:25 AM (7 comments total)

And I didn't intend to place this in bugs, but rather etiquette/policy.
posted by NortonDC at 9:30 AM on November 21, 2001

The graphical version is easier to read (short line lengths, making text easier to digest), so I thought more users would read it over the printer version.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:15 AM on November 21, 2001

That's fair. I was curious if it was any concern over linking to an ad-free version.
posted by NortonDC at 10:33 AM on November 21, 2001

It's very easy to resize the window (or increase the font size, as some people do).

Either way, it's not impossible to imagine people going to the plain text article and saying "oh shit the lines are so long I can't read it." However, it's easier to see why people might prefer just the relevant information. Especially those of us on slow dial-up connections (i.e., poor old me, connected at 31200 bps).

Also, a user style sheet could easily add large margins. Not that I expect the average user to do that.

It's not a big deal. Personally, I'd always prefer the light version if it has the same info as the heavy.
posted by gleemax at 10:33 AM on November 21, 2001

Just tack on the light version at the end of the post [light version] like that. If you want to.
posted by j.edwards at 11:53 AM on November 21, 2001

That solution is so elegant, so simple, that it pains me to have not noticed it.
posted by gleemax at 12:23 PM on November 21, 2001

FYI: I just linked to a page that is the print version instead of a full site version, due to the nice formatting on the print ver, but mostly due to the horribly long load time on the graphics version. In case anyone thinks I'm saying one thing and doing the opposite, this time was a special case.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:05 PM on November 21, 2001

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