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Two years ago, MeFi covered the Protomen (the Megaman rock opera). They are still around, and may be in your area. [mi]
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The Protomen, who are from the flyover, are nearing the end of their first (and probably last) East Coast tour. Here are the dates. They played Boston (well, Somerville) tonight, and it was really glorious. The live show is epic in the best sense, and got a crowd of Nintendo-nerds off their feet for more than an hour. If you were at all piqued by the original post, you should try to see them.

In addition, they've streamlined their merchandising operation since the original post, so (if you can't see them) you can get their CD and some other cool stuff you couldn't previously get.
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I am now so totally piqued!
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Pepsi Grey.
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Well, at least he didn't post it as a meet-up.
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Just FYI: flyover is a mystical land where unicorns dance with centaurs, beer is cheap, and housing is too, fairies sprinkle their magic dust on everything, leprechauns caper with satyrs, and awesome music is created that can be enjoyed by one and all.
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So the rumors are true! But isn't it made of bubbling lava?
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got a crowd of Nintendo-nerds off their feet for more than an hour

Any word on how well area hospitals coped with the sudden influx of ER admissions?
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