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Hey Boston/North Shore: Stynxno and I are coming to town. We'd like to meetup with you on Sunday, May 27th, in beautiful Salem, MA.
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Monday is Memorial Day, so we can party all night long.

robocop is bleeding suggested Salem as a good meeting spot; I agree, mostly because it's an area I'm familar with. Any thoughts on venues? We batted around a few ideas, but didn't come to any solid conclusions....
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Don't go! They'll eat your brains and make you a slave!
posted by dame at 3:45 PM on May 8, 2007

And I know how much you hate to lose a slave. ::looks at whip marks on back::
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Uh, slavery was outlawed years ago, dame.

We call it indentured servitude now.
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I ♥ MA. I oughta see if I can figure out a reason to go.
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TPS and Styxno for Clemens? Sounds more than fair to me.
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come to the meetup.
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Two possible venues:

Beerworks Salem: The beer is good, the menu's big, it has pool. But it can be crawling with North Shore nasties (note: if you live on the North Shore and take exception, I promise that I don't mean you)

Hawthorne Hotel Pub: Pretty awesome, but it's smaller and in a nice hotel and doesn't have a pool table.
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yay a meetup near me! Plz no tourist traps tia.
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I call double chump if I show up on my motorcycle and Plutor isn't there.
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Count me in - I owe you at least one beer.
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I'm down with Salem Beerworks; we could always pull an NYC and do multiple locations as the night wears on.
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I will be there as long as there is good parking.
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But, what do North Shore nasties DO, exactly? Please to explain, Mayor, for the sheltered among us.
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But, what do North Shore nasties DO, exactly?

Mostly be loud in public and get pregnant or help others get that way.
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Victoria Station, 'round the way from Beerworks, is on the water, has beer, and semi-decent seafood (Dunno if we'd all fit in to Derby, you see). There's a slew of places along the waterfront for travelling, tho.
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Eideteker: "I call double chump if I show up on my motorcycle and Plutor isn't there."

I don't know Salem from the plate in my skull. But I'll be there if only to evade the dreaded double chump. Oh, also, to see those visiting southerners. You guys tell me where to be, and I'll show up with my drinking pants.
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hm, theres a train from salem to north station at 1030 pm...
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Man, that'd be an early end to the night.
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It would? Geez, I'm old.
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Plutor, I'm just sayin...I'm up for a late night of debauchery in Salem, but I'd like to avoid a 24 mile taxi ride back. If the thing to do is stay out late and party...we can cause some chaos in Boston and get home easy. If the plan is to have dinner and explore Salem in the early evening...the train will do the trick.
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10:30 p.m. doesn't sound like an unreasonable hour to end the evening, especially if we start around dinner time. Especially since I know what a bitch those commuter rail trains are.
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No crying, Plutor.
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We'll be driving and have a back seat available to high bidders and smooth talkers.
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I'll also be driving if anyone needs a ride to or from Salem. I'm coming from CT via the Pike, but am reasonably comfortable making the trip to Boston if need be.
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Yaaaay people are coming!

Ok, how about we meet at Victoria's Station at 6 p.m.? (Directions). We can do some dinner/drinks, and then see if we want to move about from there.
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Menu looks good. Unless work nastily interferes, I'm in.
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Reservation at Victoria's Station is under the name Kate.
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Can I bring Henry, my baby boy?
He is eight months old, poops discretely, and tips (over) pretty good.
Is Vic Stn. family friendly?
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I've never been there, so I can't speak to the restaurant, but bring him along, why not!
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Amongst my group of taggers-along, there is talk of visiting Rockport beforehand and climbing on rocks and shopping in shops. Is there interest in a pre-meetup meetup?
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Poops discreetly. Being a daddy has shrung my speling gland by 46%.
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Wow, how many people are coming? Think I'll revise the reservation....
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I'm bringing me, Henry the Secret Pooper, Mrs. Dizzy, and a California Interloper. That makes 3 and one-eighth peeps.
Very excited.
Traffic be damned.
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I'll be there with Robocop!
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Theres a 80% chance of myself + the ladyfriend, and a 15% chance of other folk.
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There's a 25% chance of me. I hate summer - too many demands on my time. Form a line, people!
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I'll probably know for sure by tomorrow if I can make it -- I don't know yet if I have to work this weekend, and probably won't for many hours yet.
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Oh well, it doesn't look like I can make it. Drat.
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10-15% chance of me, as I'm a recluse with a couple o' rather debilitating social conditions.
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Salem, here I come!
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First post-meetup post!
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Can't make it after all. Gotta go to Milton instead for a boring industry-thingie.
On Mem. Day, even!
I'm going to miss you guys, and haven't even met you yet...
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Thanks so much for coming, one and all! You're all a blast. Plus, I was impressed that with that many people at dinner, the check was taken care of with one pass around the table (instead of that uncomfortable dance where the check is short and everyone swear they put in their share....)
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Oh yea, and pictures in the next few days.
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