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Another Phoenix-area meetup: Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) [more inside]
posted by mullacc to MetaFilter Gatherings at 11:01 AM (6 comments total)

Several of us are getting together to meet rainbaby during her visit here. Right now the plan is as follows:
Where: Four Peaks Brewery, Tempe
When: 7pm, Monday, May 28th

I realize people probably have Memorial Day weekend plans, but maybe this will be a good way to chill before getting back to the grind on Tuesday.
posted by mullacc at 11:02 AM on May 20, 2007

And as a heads-up, I'll be in Phoenix the week of June 11th, but I'm not sure what my schedule will look like or if I'll have wheels.

But if you have to choose between me and rainbaby, do what Mae West suggested and choose the prettier.

That's rainbaby, for the aesthetically challenged.
posted by Eideteker at 7:48 PM on May 20, 2007

mullacc, I miss you! Come back to NYC!
posted by Afroblanco at 12:33 AM on May 21, 2007

If I'm around, maybe I'll drop by.

... like any sane person, I'm planning to get the heck out of the valley that weekend, though.
posted by ph00dz at 1:16 PM on May 21, 2007

Sounds like a good plan to me, mullacc! Thanks for organizing.
posted by rainbaby at 4:00 AM on May 22, 2007

I'll be there for sure. Will someone make a sign or something, though, cause Four Peaks is going to be crowded tomorrow night.
posted by gokart4xmas at 2:52 PM on May 27, 2007

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