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MA meetup, Marlborough-ish, Sunday June 17th? I'll be in town with a free evening. [Update! We're aiming for the Halfway Cafe, kicking off at six-ish!]
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It'd have to be that Sunday afternoon/evening—we're only in town for a few days, most of it revolving around my brother's wedding, but we've got a little free time on the 17th.

Staying with a friend in Marlborough, carless but not rideless—proximity to his place would be a general plus.

A couple of MA friends-of-friends suggested either The Lucky Dog Bar and Grille or a place called The Horseshoe Bar, but I don't know the area and am open to other suggestsions.

Eh? Eh?
posted by cortex (staff) at 2:51 PM on May 24, 2007

The Halfway Cafe is great and easy to find.

Firefly's is slightly less great, but also on the main road.
posted by cribcage at 2:59 PM on May 24, 2007

Commenting so as to stay informed...I'll try to make it wherever the locals decide.
posted by Miko at 3:01 PM on May 24, 2007

Ditto Miko. I don't know Marlboro so I can't comment on a location. But it might be a convenient stop on the way home from hanging out with my dad for Father's Day.
posted by Plutor at 3:05 PM on May 24, 2007

For you, Cortex? We'll make the drive, assuming that something huge doesn't happen to prevent Joanne and I from attending.
posted by plaidrabbit at 3:11 PM on May 24, 2007

Day after Bloomsday might be rough for drinks this year-- the 16th is a saturday.
posted by Mayor Curley at 4:51 PM on May 24, 2007

That's less than an hour away from me, and I don't have anything else to do that evening. I will be very pleased to come shake the hand of a MeFi moderator and buy him a beer!

(let's just all decide where and when, okays?)
posted by yhbc at 5:34 PM on May 24, 2007

I'd suggest The Arthur Shawcross Arms, if I were attending.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 5:46 PM on May 24, 2007

Hey, I just happen to be in the area and available on Sunday too! I'll be there.
posted by Secretariat at 5:53 PM on May 24, 2007

Fancy that!
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:04 PM on May 24, 2007

I'll need to consult with banjo, as she is wise in the ways of our schedule and actually driving my butt places.

It's a sort of calendarobutt wisdom. Very rare.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 6:15 PM on May 24, 2007

Oh man! I can only hope that it turns out that robocop is attending.
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:18 PM on May 24, 2007

I should be home by then, sweet! I live in Northborough currently, which is only ONE town away.
posted by Eideteker at 7:34 PM on May 24, 2007

Dang. I'm in Martha's Vineyard for the summer, doing a play. Sorry I'll miss you, cortex.
posted by Dizzy at 10:23 PM on May 24, 2007

Ooops. I leave July 17th, not June. I'll be there!
posted by Dizzy at 10:24 PM on May 24, 2007

I might be able to show up. You'd think that having lived there for a year I'd know a good place to hang out... and you'd be wrong.
posted by Ryvar at 6:42 AM on May 25, 2007

I might be able to make this one.
posted by initapplette at 8:41 AM on June 1, 2007

Not to be mean to the PVD kids, but I might do this one instead. I have a bad feeling about the event I have to deal with this weekend. And it's apparently only a 10 minute difference in driving.
posted by cobaltnine at 1:37 PM on June 4, 2007

I am flirting with the idea of attending.
posted by CitrusFreak12 at 11:06 PM on June 4, 2007

To firm things up, then:

Unless anyone has a really compelling argument against, let's plan on The Horseshoe Bar.

Start time...fivish? Sixish?
posted by cortex (staff) at 9:06 PM on June 5, 2007

If you mean the Horseshoe Pub, that's in Hudson. Directions here.
posted by cribcage at 10:22 PM on June 5, 2007

I get the feeling that's what I meant, yeah, but curious snag: they close at 8pm on Sunday. Which means either start earlier, or do this elsewhere.

Eideteker said he might make a pass down Main Street in Marlborough tomorrow to size things up. Halfway Cafe is open late, so that might be a better idea after all, barring further info.
posted by cortex (staff) at 10:27 PM on June 5, 2007

The only place I saw that might be as good as Halfway is the Lazy Dog. Open past midnight daily. Like Halfway, they're a sportsbar (sports bar? sports-bar? sportbra?). It's closer to the center of town (near the junction of 20/85) than Halfway, but I can't vouch for the quality.
posted by Eideteker at 7:22 PM on June 6, 2007

Let's call it Halfway Cafe, then. I suppose I could even abuse my massive powers to change the meetup post text up there in a moment.
posted by cortex (staff) at 7:28 PM on June 6, 2007

Awesome. And barring a major torrential rainfuck, I'm coming on my motorcycle!

PS, premeetup at Lazer Zone?
posted by Eideteker at 7:31 PM on June 6, 2007

With laser beams flashing, music playing and enemy snipers at every turn, you'll find yourself bursting with delight in your quest for victory.

I don't know if I can handle quite that much delight, Eideteker.
posted by Secretariat at 12:48 PM on June 7, 2007

Yeah, but do we owe it to ourselves to find out?
posted by cortex (staff) at 12:56 PM on June 7, 2007

"I don't know if I can handle quite that much delight, Eideteker."

If you die, I get your stereo.
posted by Eideteker at 3:29 PM on June 7, 2007

Holy crap. Lazer Tag. Seriously freaking awesome if that could also be pulled off.
posted by cobaltnine at 6:35 PM on June 7, 2007

Since the weekend approacheth, I'd just like to volunteer three (3) seats for any CT Mefites who might be all 'it's faaar' but would otherwise want to go. E-mail in profile.

no kids or sufjan stevens albums.
posted by cobaltnine at 1:22 PM on June 12, 2007

You know, I migh tbe able to come to this since I'll be in MA for Father's Day anyhow, but I might need a ride either back up to NH where my car is (Lebanon, NH) or back into Boston (or a T stop) to get the bus back to my car. Any takers?
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 1:19 PM on June 14, 2007

I would, Jess, but it's completely in the opposite direction for me and I plan to be on my bike.

If no one else can and you still want to come, I can probably get you to a T station, though.
posted by Eideteker at 10:22 AM on June 16, 2007

omg lazer tag. I'm going to do my bestest to make this. If I can show up tomorrow I'll happily give rides from/to Boston. (I know that's not super helpful, sorry)
posted by psmith at 1:18 PM on June 16, 2007

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