To see things the way I do, you have to strip out the context entirely. June 8, 2007 4:18 PM   Subscribe

AmberV's posts in this thread are a fascinating account of what it's like to hold a conversation as a person with Asperger's.
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Thanks for posting this, hindmost -- really interesting.
posted by scody at 4:31 PM on June 8, 2007

Thanks for flagging this, hindmost. I would have missed it otherwise.
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Right on. I missed the thread initially, so thanks for the hook up. Just great stuff!
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I missed the thread initially

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It is always interesting to hear an account of what it's like to hold a conversation with someone who treats every facet of personality diagnostically.
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That would require a most uncharitable reading.

The comments are very interesting -- thanks hindmost.
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I don't see how it could be read as snarky.

Thanks, hindmost - I got distracted by other things before AmberV began posting. Fascinating.
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Reading the verbage of this post without going to the comment in question, it's possible to construe hindmost was saying in a snarky that AmberV has aspergers.

Um, AmberV says in the first sentence of the post "As someone with AS....". So, he/she does. And...? What am I missing?
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I appreciate AmberV's comments as well (also RedEmma and gminks). When I saw the interview with Evan, I immediately assumed he was AS. He seems like a very interesting kid. I'd certainly rather hang out with him than the vapid interviewer, for sure. (HURF DURF HERE'S A BIG TUNA SANGWICH WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT!!!1)

There are obviously some perceptual differences between those with AS and those without, and I certainly helps to have AS-folks, their teachers and parents weigh in.

I'm happy that most of the folks in the thread weren't saying some of the other dumb ignorant shit I've seen w/r/t this partiular interview-- calling Evan arrogant, a jerk, etc. I know that I can trust MeFi (most of the time) to a slightly higher level of discourse, or at least some reasoned debate.

For my own part, I generally have disparaged the idea and practice of homeschooling in the past, if only because I find the concept of parents teaching their children problematic-- especially when parents may not be so well-educated themselves. I am now rethinking this, though I wonder about Evan's parents.

Thanks to everyone else in the thread for your contributions.
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Yeah, a welcome positive MeTa, and very well-deserved. I got a lot out of reading that--and I've known people with AS.

Best of the Web.
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Wow, I hadn't expected all of this. Thank you. :)
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I greatly appreciated her comments in the MeFi thread; this is well-deserved recognition.
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AmberV, I think you explained things very well. My daughter tries to explain herself, but me being her mom sometimes our emotions get in the way. Hearing it from someone else helps me even more with context.
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Excellent, hindmost, thanks.

This thread is a great complement to In My Language.

I thought that traveling and speaking other languages were the only ways to change my own mind map but these two threads taught me a lot about the mechanics of thinking differently.

Thanks AmberV for your analytic description of your perceptions. (And thanks Baby_Balrog for setting up the stage so nicely.)

The aliens have landed and they are us.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I somehow missed this FPP entirely. Great comments, AmberV.
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I saw a TV eyewitnessnewsperson interviewing an Aspergers person and I immediately thought of what a great sitcom premise that would be if they were somehow paired up, like if the reporter got in a car accident with the AS person and was sentence to be their butler. Am I a bad person?
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