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Is it time for a Boston-itself-Boston meetup soon? I flew in thismorning, got my apt settled & now don't have work until the 26th. I'm right by Symphony, & can get anywhere the T goes, but I have neither bike nor car so I can't make much past that. I'm also (sadly, believe me) under 21, so I fear a pub crawl (as much as I'd love it) is out of the question. Also, would anyone living here be up for not-too-serious-slightly-more-than-but-basically-touch rugby on a semiregular basis?
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"would anyone living here be up for not-too-serious-slightly-more-than-but-basically-touch rugby on a semiregular basis?"

Are you coming on to me?

Congrats on the apartment. I hope to be fully set-up in my new Walthamite digs next weekend. Until then, my calendar is probably pretty booked. But I'd love to make it six meetups in seven weeks, so keep me posted.
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Unless of course by meetup you mean, "you guys all help me move". C'mon, it'll be awesome, just like in Tom Sawyer!
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I think you should be a little more specific.
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Already moved in.

How about this coming Saturday, late afternoon/early evening to give people that are going out a chance to stop by? I have no idea what's around, so I can't really recommend a place.
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I just quit my job. Not much to do but drink!
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I'd like to make it six missed meetups in seven weeks. I can't remember why I missed all of the other ones, but I'll be hiking in Maine all of next week. Too bad, too, because I could practically walk to Symphony.

I might be willing to do rugby once in a while, except for two problems: 1) I've never played it ever before, and 2) I don't even really know the rules besides it sorta appears like "soccer with your hands".
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I would love to attend a meetup, but I'm living in MN for the summer. Come September I'll be moving back to Boston with my partner in crime. Anytime after that, all signs point to Boston meetups.
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It's always fun (and free, and all-ages) to see the annual Shakespeare in the Park in a group -- Boston Common, July 24-29, mostly at 8pm.
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This weekend, also free, outdoors, and all-ages: movies at the Hatch Shell and Boston Harbor Hotel on Friday.
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Rats! I'd like to come but we have company staying with us this weekend.
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Would a non-weekend time be better for the people that couldn't make Saturday? All of this week & next mon are completely open for me, and evenings/weekends will be free after I start work. Shakespare in the Park sounds cool, I'd be down, but its over a month away. Would people want to do the movie or something else?

Plutor: No worries about that, I had never played it until this last fall, & I still suck. Which is why I don't want to go out for a summer seven's team ;)
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Wow, Shakespeare in the Park would be awesome. I would totally make the 1 1/2 hour drive for that. Can we make it one of these showings so I can go?:
Friday, July 27 @ 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, July 28 @ 3:00 p.m.
Saturday, July 28 @ 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 29 @ 7:00 p.m.

(This weekend, though, I am at a meetup for the Poets & Writers forum in Vermont. A non-weekend time wouldn't be any better.)
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Alright, well lets go for the BHH movie this friday (it looks like its Roman Holiday, which has got to be better than Night at the Museum). Doing Shakespeare in the Park would be great in a month, too. What's the best way to actually meet up at a thing like this? Meet up earlier? All wear bright pink with 10ft hats?
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Or not. Since no one's replying, lets try for next week maybe?
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