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Is anybody doing anything in Portland before the big party tomorrow? I've been traveling the western states with my camera looking for interesting sites to see, and I will be driving from Seattle where my parents are to Portland tomorrow. I'm just not sure if it's worth getting to town before 7 or not.
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Yes, I will be drinking beer in New Jersey.
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You betcha. Multnomah Falls is the second tallest waterfall in North America.

It's about 25 miles east of Portland on I-84. Impossible to miss, because it's the only left-exit on I-84 between Portland and the Idaho border.

Well worth coming down in the morning and spending the day there; hike up to the top, and definitely take your camera.
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I'm having a party right now. Wanna come over?
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Hah is it a mefi party?
I live in portland and i'm bored.

But for the poster, I believe there is the Beer Fest downtown, and a street fair in SE portland, on Belmont ? I believe. Pittock Mansion is a nice place to have a sandwich and take some pictures on a sunny day. Thats a few things off the top of my head.
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My real reason for posting was to find out if anybody wanted to go out taking pictures with me or was planning to get together for something else interesting before the party, but these ideas all sound good.
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I thought everyone attending The Party (I'm getting more envious hourly) would first stop off at one of the nearby Legacy Hospitals for a Cat Scan.
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That is an awful lot of RSVPs.

... Maybe I should figure out how to get there. Hmm.
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willnot, we should have a Seattle pre-party tonight.
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If you want to go a little bit afield, there's an amazing little museum about 40 minutes out of town, at the Abbey of Mt. Angel. It's the closest thing to a wunderkammer I've ever seen, and It's just about my favorite thing in Oregon, outside of Powell's.

Also, I have been hearing great things about The Velveteria.

Sadly, I'm out for party. My dog's got an eye infection (it's horrifying-- she looks like a special effect from Pirates of the Carribean) and I've got to stay up here and administer eye drops.
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I'm just not sure if it's worth getting to town before 7 or not.

There are a zillion things to do and see in and near Portland. food, books, scenic sites, and on and on. Were you looking for something specific to make your time there worthwhile?
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You could go to the Velvet Painting Museum to get yourself in a proper mood beforehand.
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Oh, palmcorder_yajna suggested that already. Consider it extra suggested.
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I'm getting soooooo excited!!!!!

(Of course, I'll probably show up, drink my allocation of "free," freak out at the size of the crowd, retreat into myself, and leave.)
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Remember that scene from Airplane where a queue formed for "calming down" the hysterical woman? Something productive to do pre-party might be to prepare some props to bring tonight to give a hearty Metafilter welcome to the newest member on our RSVP list. (And with +1 guest too!)

$2.50 per person at the door for an open bar and arcade free play? Score!

I'm looking forward to seeing some in-person Metatalk action tonight. Y'all had better come up with an entertaining way to deal with crashers.
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a hearty Metafilter welcome to the newest member on our RSVP list. (And with +1 guest too!)

I was wondering about that. We'll have a printed out list of names and be fairly hardass about people not bringing extra +1s above what they signed on for. If it's a long time lurker who finally decided this was the time to come out and say howdy, I'm all for that. Perhaps there should be a quiz?

I am doing the traditional PacNW thing this morning of waiting for my hosts to get motivated so we can go out and get some breakfast. I forgot about this part of the west coast lifestyle where you don't have a coffee maker in the house because there's just SO MUCH COFFEE everyplace else.
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Is the quiz harder if you only put "maybe" down?

(fear, doubt)
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I was thinking a pretty basic quiz. Like "name one admin" or "name one MeFi personality" but my guess is it won't be a problem.
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Well, I just got on the train in Seattle and switched from "maybe" to "yes". Any quizzes that appear between here and there I will brave to get to the mefiness.
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I was going to bring a dish for potluck: portobello mushrooms and beans. Will that suffice for a quiz answer?
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We demand photographs.

(Or is the party still ongoing?)
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I don't know what everyone's problem is with the uploading. I took a few photos and put them in the MetaFilter pool.
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