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Ok, lets try this again.. Who's up for an opening night (that's tuesday, as in 49 hours from now) Shakespeare in the Park mefi meetup? Its at 8pm in the Boston Commons. I'll be getting coffee after, if I can find anywhere that's open past dark (this f-in city doesn't know how to drink coffee, I swear). The play is Midsummer Night's Dream. I hear its good ;) I could be up for another night, but I have guests coming in & I'm not quite ready to expose them to MeFi yet, so Tuesday's my preference.
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BTW -- this was in today's Sunday Boston Globe --

Unkindest Cut? Bard to Run Short on Common
"In just a decade, it became a local summer tradition, with blankets spread across Boston Common, corks popped, and free Shakespeare for all performed on a massive stage. If it rained, no matter. There were more than three weeks of shows, plenty of time to catch a performance, as 100,000 people did last summer.

But this year, you'd better pay attention or you'll miss 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Struggling to break even, the Citi Performing Arts Center has slashed the budget for Shakespeare on the Common in half and shortened its run to less than a week. Instead of 20 performances, the Center will present seven, starting Tuesday, plus two open dress rehearsals. Even the stage has shrunk, to less than a third the size of last year's.

The changes have drawn widespread criticism of the Citi Center (formerly the Wang Center for the Performing Arts) and its longtime president, Josiah Spaulding Jr., who has been sharply scaling back activity at the center as he tries to balance its budget for the first time in years."
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I would come.
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Can't do Tuesday, sorry. The only nights I can make it are Thursday or Friday... Have fun
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Tonight's no good for me, although I would be pleased to meetup with anyone else who might show up to the MIT contra dance.
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Did you go on Tuesday? If not, I'm still an interested "maybe" for Sunday, pending whether I get back from being out of town in time. Also, I notice this and the previous thread haven't been added to the meetups sidebar. Maybe you'd have better luck if they were -- or do they only get to go there when there's a definite plan?
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