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Should I post to Ask or Jobs? Long story, short explanation: I'm looking for someone who can help me understand how my small business can implement a database-driven website, and I'd potentially like to hire that same person to do a relatively small, one-time piece of work based on what I learn.
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I don't see geography being a factor, and I'd prefer to work with a MeFite than a non-MeFite, to support the community in my own little way.

To me, this search doesn't seem well-fitted to either Ask.Meta or Jobs.Meta. I'm not trying an end-run by posting this here, my hope is to figure out how to best put my call out to the crowd. Should I post more details to Ask or Jobs?
posted by chudmonkey at 6:18 PM on August 1, 2007

Maybe in askme state your intention to post a job advert and ask for advice on how to frame it most successfully, experience of others in similar position etc?
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It's sounds like you have two separate tasks, so you'd probably be better off doing it in two steps than shoehorning in one or the other.

Fire off an AskMe about the thing you need background on, specifically outlining the understanding you're looking for. You don't need to become an expert—that's why you're hiring someone—so focus your question on the stuff you feel you need to understand to be able to handle the hiring and project-description stuff.

Once you know what it is you're looking to hire for, make a Jobs post, and link to the AskMe (and vice versa).

Seems like that would work; and if you're surprised by what you learn in the AskMe, you aren't stuck with a pre-fab Jobs post that no longer makes sense.
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Shouldn't a "does it go here or here?" question go in MeTa?
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Oh God, it's been a long day. I can't see color anymore!
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Terrific advice, Cortex.

Without going into specifics, I may not need a professional in the strictest sense - a hobbyist looking for a few extra bucks would likely suit my needs. I was worried about posting in Jobs, because what I have to offer may not be very attractive to someone looking for a job, but it might appeal to someone looking for a paid distraction.

I'll start in Ask and see how things go. I really want to give my budget to a MeFite.
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1. Post "where does it go" to MetaTalk
2. Post "How to structure job posting" to AskMe
3. Post job to JobMe
4. Hire mefite to complete job
5. Post to ProjectMe
6. Get someone to post it to MeFi
7. Use profit to travel based on MefiTravel advice
8. Get called out as PepsiBlue/SelfLink in MetaTalk.
8a. Flameout
9. Get talked about on Podcast.
10. Someone writes a song about it all, posts to MuFi
11. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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Oh, blue_beetle... you're hilarious!

Hey, you're a Calgarian, aren't you? Do you know anything about web databases?
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I was worried about posting in Jobs, because what I have to offer may not be very attractive to someone looking for a job, but it might appeal to someone looking for a paid distraction.

If it involves the exchange of money for services rendered, it probably belongs on Jobs. But I agree with Cortex: use AskMe to get a better understanding of what you're looking for so you can use the right (buzz- or not) words in your Jobs post.
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I do in fact know a little about both the internet and the databases thereof. Email's in profile.
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