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Does anyone have Norwegian? I'd love to know what this weblogger's been saying about us...
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I don't know if I "have Norwegian" or not, but I sure do speak and read it. Here's a quick and pretty direct translation:

Metafilter describes itself in the following way:


Here we're maybe seeing the blog as a democratic alternative to the topic portals, but organized chronologically, not systematically. How hard would it be to add a hierarchy of topics on top of such a system?

posted by frednorman at 3:55 PM on December 5, 2001

That's service.... thanks frednorman ... I just hired out Philip Glass's Opera 'Satyagraha' -- how is your Sanskrit?

How hard would it be to add a hierarchy of topics on top of such a system?

Shouldn't he have taken this to MetaTalk?

posted by feelinglistless at 4:29 PM on December 5, 2001

Consider the Band and Expecting Rain, both the last word on their subjects--Expecting Rain, in fact, is first on the BobDylan.Com links page and in the Top 5% web sites for traffic (13,123 clicks on 9/10/01)--Those Norwegians have a thing for the American vernacular. Which in a way describes MetaFilter.
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I'm guessing he's not a member: After looking at the e-mail, I just ran Magnus Enger through Search from day one. No hits for both together, but for Magnus there are 10 hits. ushuaia is silent on all fronts,, ilsa we've heard from, dumell is anong the taciturn Swedes, shagoth is not, the silent but ultra trippy webbmyran has the right first name and is in the neighborhood, rickardmagnus is another zipped lipper, ditto iorlas, magnusk, gymrat2k (the world's strongest man) and magnus. Among the Engers are Restlessavenger, misanthropy (she's spoken up), Afgha, pberenger, Teofil, Tobias1985, until_it_sleepez (one comment), Ranger, Dillenger69, nim-sen, tim_mcveighs_avenger(aiyee!! ), barenakedAvenger (four comments), jbellenger, and iscavenger (what a hoot!), all of whom are silent unless noted otherwise. The second list reveals more about Search than anything else. So, a few bloggers and x amount of sociopaths. But after checking all those out, do I feel like a blabbermouth. What a dummied up lot.

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Is this page not loading for anyone else? Looks like the new @home transition didn't go over too well.

It didn't - their DNS is screwy. Wait a few days, or use another DNS.

I felt a great disruption in the Force... It was if millions of voices screamed... and were gone."
posted by SpecialK at 11:24 PM on December 5, 2001

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