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Meh-fill ~ Gathering (in Urdu), the name suggested by the cydonian to term the first ever, and subsequent (hopefully), Indian Metafilter Gatherings.
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Pictures to come soon. We only have two so don’t expect too much. It was great to finally meet someone from the MeFi Universe in person. Although, right after our introduction the cydonian referred to MeFi as Meh-FEE, and I’ve always been used to calling it ME-FI, but had wondered if it was pronounced the other way round. Does anyone else pronounce it that way? Interesting to hear the words come out of someone’s mouth instead of reading them on the screen all the time.

The evening was filled with conversations of Calligraphy, Hyderabadi History, Family Relations and Personal Ambitions. Oh, and Hyderabadi Food, which we’ve promised to have if we get the chance to meet up again.

It was fun.
posted by hadjiboy at 5:04 AM on August 29, 2007

Awesome! (For what it's worth, I've always said it 'meh-fee', and I have been castigated for this at meet-ups, because apparently the 'correct' pronunciation is 'mee-fie', so it would seem that you were right all along. But let's not get mired down in that argument here.) Hyderabadi food!
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Excellent. hadjiboy I enjoy your posts and cydonian's comments are always insightful.
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I should think the resonable way to pronounce it is Meh-Fee (or probably more accurately Meh-Fih, but that just sounds awkward), no? As in MEtaFIlter. Meh-Fye only makes sense in MeFite. I guess. I'd page languagehat, but he's all descriptivist about these things.

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Mee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the post of an Indian.

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Hadji, you forgot..... globalization and the common cold. :-|

Seriously :-D , here's a brief summary on Hyderabadi street-name history. Will post later on the African diaspora I was referring to.

Yup, am a closetted tour-guide. For maximum impact, of course, should have narrated history on location; nothing like showing folk vast stretches of urban sprawl and saying, all this was once a vast golf course.

It's Meh-Fi. That's how you pronounce it in Dakhni.

Also, we have photographic evidence!
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It's Meffy, like a big blue Sanrio character.
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It looks like I will be in Hyderabad in January, I am hoping to gather a second Meh-Fil. Or I could travel, maybe Bangalore? More to come...
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Wow, did you guys meet at Coffee Day?
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It's obviously MEH-FIE
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MeFi is something I have no reason to ever say out loud. The syllables in "MetaFilter" are mellifluous enough to make only a typed abbreviation necessary.

As for a user, that's a mee-fyte. The "Me" part is already conscripted as having a long "e" by common use of the abreviation "AskMe", which no one would ever be caught dead pronouncing "AskMeh" (though that may sum up our feelings about it at times).
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: >

(i have to get myself to India one of these days)
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MeFi is pronounced "meh-fih," just like "HiFi" is pronounced "hih-fih."
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First MeFi subcontinental meetup!

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I pronounce it like most everyone else, but like to throw in a whole lot of unnecessary letters to celebrate my Celtic heritage: Mheath-Fiaidh.
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There's this restaurant in San Francisco (in that stupidly named SOMA district) called Mehfil. People at my work ate there religiously because of their ultrafast $5 lunches to go.

Now I know what the name means! If you're ever there, you should organize a MeFi Mehfil Meetup.
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Wow, did you guys meet at Coffee Day?

Close--Barista. Glad to know there'll be a second one of these this January, hopefully:)

cydonian: thanks for the Hyderabadi Street-Names History link! (where do you dig this stuff up from?)
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(everyone forgets me at the call-outs, sob!)

I'd love to get to an Hyderabadi meet-up sometime!
posted by Wilder at 6:58 AM on September 4, 2007

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