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Boston meetup: Friday, September 7. 8p-ish? I'll be in town for a business meeting and I'd love to hang out with some Mefites while I'm there. Odds are good I'll be staying in Waltham, so maybe something on Moody Street? The last time I did this we did Super88 in Allston for dinner then Big City for drinks, and that was pretty fun. I'm taking suggestions. I'm T-dependent so that's a (minor) limiting factor. Let us party, my homeboys. And homegirls. And home-any-other-description-you-care-to-append-to-yourselves. Let us party.
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I think a Walthamite pub crawl along Moody St. is a phenomenal suggestion. Parking is free (and pretty ample) here in the evenings. And I always enjoy the Super88/Big City meetups, if folks want to do that. We should see about reserving pool tables if we do the Big City thing again, because last time, we had to wait a while for a private function to clear out.
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Trains leave Waltham for Boston at 9:25 and 11:16 in the PM, btw. So no worries about getting home unless you're a really ambitious marathon drinker.
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Aw man. Waltham is right across town and super convenient. But I will be in Baltimore to watch the Red Sox/Orioles game.

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Replace "pub crawl" with "Watch City" and you may lure me an the missus up to Waltham.

We'd prefer Boston/Cambridge, but with the return of the dreaded student, who knows where'd be safe?
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Watch City does have delicious beer; and delicious beer is a good thing. But then again most of moody st is a good thing, just got back from there in fact.
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Ok, I was going to suggest Watch City but I always take friends there. So, should we call it for Watch City for sure?
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I would like to attend this event. As my woman is flying home the next day, I can't say 100% that we will be able to make it.
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I think I'd be in. FWIW the commuter rail train out of Waltham leaves at 11:26; but the last train out of Boston to Waltham gets in at 12:33.

Watch City will be good. I think the Skellig would be an excellent backup - I miss that bar.

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Watch City is practically on my doorstep, how can I pass it up?
posted by of strange foe at 10:49 AM on September 1, 2007

I'm good with calling it for Watch City. I'll post to the sidebar.
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Forecasting a greater than 50% chance of Ryvar on Sept. 7th.
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Swing by the Skellig if you can. It's right next door to Watch City and never disappoints, especially on the weekend.
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I'm definitely in. And I may drag my husband along as well (he loves Watch City)
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I'm a maybe...more of a Boston proper girl, but I'll try to make the trip to Waltham. How will I recognize you guys, I mean, besides looking for the table of good-looking, intelligent folks?
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Another maybe -- anybody want to meet at North Station for the 7:35 train?
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emd3737, we have an official call sign over at MetaChat. You start by introducing yourself, and if both parties make it through the exchange, then you know you are among friends.
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Alternately, there are better-than-average odds that I'll be wearing a bright green "Zombie: Eat Flesh" t-shirt. You could look for that, amid the crowd of devastatingly handsome, intelligent folks.
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I'd love to be there, but I've got family in town tonight. I've missed like the last 8 greater-Boston MeFi meetups in a row. I'll reverse the curse soon!
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Definite positive on the Zombie: Eat Flesh. Be ye warned.
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Party time is NOW!
posted by Eideteker at 4:55 PM on September 7, 2007

THAT was a fun meetup.
posted by Ryvar at 9:47 PM on September 7, 2007

I agree. No pictures were taken, no shoutouts obsessed over. Just good conversation with some very interesting people. I wish we'd gotten to mingle more, with more interaction between my gf's friends and the MeFites, but I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm very happy I sat at the center of the table.
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As mentioned: RE: Your Brains is the last item in "Thing-A-Week Two". Zombie fans must give it a listen.
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And if anyone wants it, Zombie Girlfriend.
posted by Eideteker at 5:28 AM on September 9, 2007

Thanks, this is a fun song!

This is the most official site I can find for The Boston Zombie Walk...
posted by of strange foe at 11:56 AM on September 10, 2007

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