Problem with not getting to today's page December 9, 2001 6:00 PM   Subscribe

Description: wasn't brought to current day's weblog
1. typed in url
2- clicked on link
3- clicked back
4- brought to weblog for 2 days ago.

actually, this has happenned to me three times over the last three days. Very wierd. The only way around it is to keep refreshing the page. I hope this isn't happening to other people. Could it be because i deleted all my cookies recently?
posted by xammerboy to Bugs at 6:00 PM (7 comments total)

::Theme from the Twilight Zone::
posted by y2karl at 6:55 PM on December 9, 2001

Happens to me all the time. I had assumed it was a matter of ISP-caching, for which my ISP is notorious. A quick Reload sets things right, though it is a minor annoyance.
posted by brownpau at 8:42 PM on December 9, 2001

Sounds like caching. ISPs often do so "silently" (ie without you needing to set your browser). You can work round this by explicitly using a different cache (hopefully one that is better configured) which is on a port other than 80.
posted by andrew cooke at 1:41 AM on December 10, 2001

ISPs often do so "silently" (ie without you needing to set your browser).

Grrr. Hate hate hate. This kind of ISP behavior became such a big problem for K5 that I had to set the servers to prevent any caching on all pages. People kept getting pages with other user's information on them and so on.

Silent upstream caching should be prohibited by the Geneva convention or something.
posted by rusty at 3:53 AM on December 10, 2001

Same here xammerboy . I have to refresh after I load the site, again when I visit a thread...rinse, repeat. Not an issue though, I'm used to it.

I'm swapping ISP's in the new year, hope that fixes things.
posted by lucien at 7:46 AM on December 10, 2001

I bet you are using IE 5.5 PC. I think it is a bug in that particular browser. It started happening to me when I upgraded from IE5.
posted by ericost at 8:13 AM on December 10, 2001

This is an old thread, but I didn't see your comment before eric. I'm using IE 5 due to a recent re-load of windows (will be updating as soon as I get around to it) Problem seems the same. In my time using the isp I have used several different browsers, some long term, some to try. Things have remained exactly the same. Hopefully upgrading browsers will help some people though.

posted by lucien at 1:23 AM on January 1, 2002

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