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I would like to mark this day as one in which something profound happened on MetaFilter.

I predict we will look back on this day when MarkovFilter became built-in as the watershed day when at least one of the following became inevitable:
  • Cliche but can't be left out: "artificial intelligence" emerges on MeFi: yah yah, woo woo, cybermagicsexsugar ok
  • Postmodern Trollicious K4^4 Discörsedämmerung: Noone means anything, it's not worth trying to parse what you know is likely Markov Emission Strings, mirrors-on-mirrors meltdown, etc. She kinna be fixed, captain. Even if ye remove the Markov Warp Drives, none shall ever ken who is "for real" again.
  • A rad emergence of implicit Turing Tests, where every comment is evaluated for its provenance as actual thought or charming simulacrum. Perhaps an interesting sub-discourse develops, where anyone who wishes to prove themselves "real" must both convey their point/snark/etc and prove structurally or semantically that they are in fact a real person attempting to convey a coherent concept - rather than a model thereof. Alliteration, rhyming, excessive syntax or reference games would all be "mechanistic" ways to "prove" this. Actually making a well stating point would probably be the best. So actual "conversation" on MetaFilter survives only through thoughtful, relevant, and artistic commentry.
  • "Flag as Simulacra"

I'm not putting this in the actual "MarkovFilter is Live" post" for (at least) two reasons: 1) I hope this post might stay clear of the Singularity long enough to leave some sort of requiem or epitaph for human intelligence and society as it was Before The Event and 2) That cancerously fun thread is no place for any but Replicants and Boppers.
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1) please put this in the other thread
2) not here.
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