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Is asking for invites to private/beta sites an inappropriate use of AskMe?

When I first saw this AskMe post yesterday, I flagged it as inappropriate because I thought it set a bad precedent. I later had second thoughts about flagging the post after reading the "any advice on getting invites for beta websites in the future would be warmly appreciated" part of the question.

But then this morning, I saw this post asking for Mint invites, and my feeling that invitation-whoring on AskMe is inappropriate was immediately rekindled.

I would think these types of requests are one of the many reasons why MetaChat exists, eh?
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Hm, psychic connection, eh?
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I've posted "woo, I've got invites!" stuff in MeTa to mixed reception.
Posting a request in Ask is well, gauche at best.
There's some site to trade/ dispense invites, but I can't recall what it is. Maybe someone will post it and we could make it a FAQ for ask.
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They're not really questions in the ordinary sense, unless you think about it as "Will you give me an invite to this site?"

In which case, "no" is a perfectly good answer. I think maybe this could be fun.
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That Mint thing looks pretty cool.
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I'll close this and keep the first one
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