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MeFi Fantasy Baseball 2007- the results are in!

As the 2007 MLB regular season draws to a close, so does the MeFi Fantasy Baseball league. We had 12 teams again this year competing for 2 titles- League Champ (most points) and Most Improved (biggest gain after the All-Star break).

This year's title goes to dpmacmanus (sorry dude, don't know your username), whose "Men Without Bats" proved anything but. Aside from some dependable studs (Pujols, VMart, Berkman, Hudson), he was able to grab surprise Brew Crew phenoms Ryan Braun and Corey Hart, and ride Josh Beckett's phenomenal year to edge out mikel's "Not Your Mtl Expos". Michael's team actaully scored higher in several categories, but lagged badly in saves and posted a league-worst .270 batting average.

And I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for riding a final-week surge into third place and the Most Improved prize, making up 14.5 points in the second half. "We Have Cameras" failed to secure a second-straight championship, but at least we're not leaving '07 empty-handed :).

Thanks to everyone who played, especially those who stayed active throughout the entire season! Most likely, next year's league WILL HAVE A FEE- perhaps $15 or so (to cover prize money and a better-level system). It annoys me to no end when people take up a spot in a league and proceed to not play the entire year, fielding disabled/unavailable players, especially when I turned away a few potential owners this year to keep the rosters manageable.
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The gentleman's league I play in year after year charges ~$105/yr and we still had two long-time franchise owners that did not participate in FA bidding, make roster moves, or respond to pings after April. The pisser? One team still edged me out by .5 points for 7th place. In my defense, it was a rebuilding year.

Anyway, sorry about the no-repeat mkultra, you were a power to be reckoned with last year.
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I'd like in next year if possible...

And Hart is a total sleeper stud. He's overshadowed by Fielder and Braun but hit just under .300 this year with more than 20 steals and 20 HR. I | Corey Hart.
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pole? wall? oppose? draw a line in the sand before? stand in the next room from?
(I'm guessing it's actually [heart] but the others are more fun to contemplate.
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I like to think of that as the "pipe" symbol, but it's actually a reference to the fact that whenever people on mefi or mecha use the heart code, it shows up in my browser as |.
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i so want in on this next year. I'm playing ffb but it does not make me anywhere near as happy as fbb.
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I'm just pissed at losing to both inactive teams. Damn, does that suck.
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i had arod this year and i finished seventh (king of the consolation bracket, two years running). Is the Mefi league on Yahoo?
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Thanks to mkultra for doing a wrapup and setting the league up in the first place. I was running away with the whole thing, well over 100 pts for weeks...

...until the all star break, when a steady decline of my squad set in, mixed with improved results for several others including the eventual champion.
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I see your point about fee:effort, but my thinking is that if there is generally going to be more interest than available spots (I'd consider going to 14, but it's a much harder game, esp. for the same "casual" players we're talking about), it's enough of a speed bump.

i had arod this year and i finished seventh

I won in my longest-running points league his year, largely thanks to Arod single-handedly carrying my offense some weeks. He scored more points than any player since Barry Bonds in '04. Sadly, this is the last season I can keep him :(.

Is the Mefi league on Yahoo?

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