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Here's a great Halloween AskMe post from last year that bears revisiting. Have Fun.
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Wow, it's so quiet in this thread.... Almost, too quiet.
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*jumps from behind bushes*

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Here's all of the Halloween AskMe posts. Have fun.

/me is helpful
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wow, the hide in plain sight on your porch and then jump out freaking the kids out idea is great, and if you combine it with the idea of taking polaroids of the kids, you have a polaroid of kids freaking the fuck out. if I were a kid, I'd fucking kill for that picture.
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*backspaces, turns off caps lock*

That thread makes me miss my dad.
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What a great, and useful, thread.

Sidebar, maybe?
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If you live in driving distance of Gloucester MA, I strongly recommend Castle of the Damned at the quirky Hammond Castle Museum. I accompanied a friend and her two young teen boys on Saturday - a one hour plus wait, but it was quite awesome and worth the inconvenience. I am very jaded about these spooky house things, most are so commercial and rinky dink, but this was a most excellent setting and very well done. The boys were totally impressed. Creepy fun!
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One of my favorite Halloweens EVER was when I was about 22. I didn't dress up or anything. All I did was lean out of a friend's second story window with a rubber spider on a string all night, slowly lowering it onto passersby. After a while, kids caught on and would bring their parents and try to make them stand under the window. None of these people could figure out why their children wanted to stand there, and then the spider would brush up against their ear or land in their hair. A few of the fathers actually had higher pitched screams than any of the mothers.

Ahhh. Good times.
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When I was in college, a friend's dad, who was a bit of a pneumatic and hydraulic genius, volunteered his services at the local grade school. About a week before Halloween, we would go in, take over the school and turn the entire thing into a haunted house.

Because of his amazing skills, there were some wonderful stations; tilting mirror effects, fake electric chairs with real sparks, etc. And despite it being a small town grade-school house, it would pull in a lot of money.

He always asked my buddy and I to help, because 1.) we worked for free, and 2.) we took great pleasure in the job.

Specifically, scaring adults. More specifically; scaring them to the point of shrieking. Kids are easy, and we did just enough to spook them, and nothing more. The point was to make it fun for them, but the adults? It was open season.

Part of the thing that made it so easy was that the whole house was set up in a zig-zagging path across the whole school. If you knew where the openings were, you could scare someone, and pop ahead an aisle to scare them again 10 minutes later.

After a while, you didn't even need to jump out at them, just standing quietly behind them and making it clear that you had been there for a while was usually more than enough.

*misses doing that*
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I also used to work in a haunted house. It was definitely awesome.

My personal favorite was the time I scared some guy so he turned and ran ... right into the wall.

The more of a bullshit "tough guy" someone looked like in real life, the louder they would scream.

A few times we would even scare people so much on their way in from the parking lot that they would leave without even buying their ticket. Oops.
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*looked like they acted in real life
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Bears are revisiting? Get the car!
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We've got two cans of Spam and some sardines this year since last year, some kid grabbed the sardines and walked off with them.

I would have paid money to see the parent's reaction during the Annual Halloween Candy Inspection.
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All I did was lean out of a friend's second story window with a rubber spider on a string all night, slowly lowering it onto passersby.

miss lynster rules! You can come to my house this year and help scare the kiddies (and adults). Good times, indeed!
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