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Mefi Scholarship? A reminder. One of the coolest things about metafilter.
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I think I speak for others when I say that many of us would love to bring this back and be able to participate as well.
posted by vacapinta at 12:35 PM on October 30, 2007

I'm bitter that I didn't get one. I'll donate money toward the good cause, but I will cast a curse over the money that will compel the winner to post lots of juicy Anonymous relationship questions.
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Yeah, I'd love to bring that back. It's a lot of work behind the scenes though -- we need to come up with some sort of challenge like an essay question of some sort, then some way to let others score/rank the "winner" then give out the money. I don't really want to take in donations again, it was really hard to track hundreds of different donators and the money left after fees and whatnot. Plus some kid kept threatening to sue me over not sticking to official contest rules and various violations of international law. It was such a hassle I'd rather just give away a few grand out of pocket.

Last time we asked people to write about their experience on mefi and I think it really showed who could write and who couldn't. I don't know what we should do for an application this time around aside from an essay question again though I'm open to other ideas.
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obstacle course?
12-course tasting menu?

I didn't know this existed before, but now I feel even better about having signed up. Maybe I should get a sockpuppet or two just to show my support...
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Whoever has the most favorites at the end of the year wins.
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I think it is a great idea (did I mention that I am going back to school in January?). I realize that it is a bit of work, but I really think that it would be nice to accept donations -- as a community website it would be nice if the community could all be a part of the prize. If it is not logistically impossible, I'd be happy to help with Treasurer-type duties (as long as it didn't disqualify me from the competition).

Also, as far as the application goes, how about a very free-form "personal statement" type thing, be it a song, a sculpture, a web site, a recipe, or an essay. We could require that the statement not have been created prior to the announcement of the scholarship, but that would have to be on the honor system, I guess.
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Best addition to site? Or is that too techy and/or cheap-child-labor?
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Best swimsuit photo?
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Most consistent commenting from an Asian location using British English spelling. Bonus for percentage of fatuous one-liners and muddled thinking.
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I got my gas cut off today if that helps : )
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Hey, I'm supposed to be starting college next fall. Sounds like a good idea to me.
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Most eponysterical.
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This very cool. I wonder if the application can include a "No Litigation" clause.

Essays or topical writing are the best IMO.

"How does your participation with MetaFilter positively effect your life?" There's a challenge for young thinkers/students.

Or, "In twenty words or less, why should YOU get the loot?"
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Three words:

Best rape haiku.
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I may be in need of funding and/or a scholarship soon, so I'm up for this :)
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I can juggle plates alongside a dancing poodle while "Sabre Dance" plays in the background...oh wait, I can't.
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Plus some kid kept threatening to sue me over not sticking to official contest rules and various violations of international law.

That is just ....

I'm speechless.

I think of the times that I received scholarships, in grad school, and right after .... they saved my pathetic ass.
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What a collective community means to you? The limits of a collective? How to successfully stop the ridiculous divide between real/virtual friends that happens in popular media writing? Why a formal education is still important today?
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May I suggest dropping the "scholarship" angle in favour of "grant", which is more inclusive in its vagueness?

Not everyone here goes to school, and, well, cigarettes aren't exactly cheap where I live...
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"Discuss common features of strawman arguments, and how to spot them"
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I thought about this for the last day or so and I was thinking of an essay question like this:

"Tell everyone about your major and why you picked it, and what you hope to get out of your education. Also mention one MeFi post (from any subsite) that translates to your major area of study and how it relates"

The goals here are to get people to talk about their passion for their subject and learning (both good things I want to encourage) and the part about tying it into mefi is just a way to try and connect the dots. Maybe a CS major could talk about how they love programming and might mention an Ask MeFi post that taught them a new way to look at SQL queries. Maybe they're a drama major with a love for acting and maybe they mention a MeFi post about a famous actor's death and how that actor touched their life, etc.

I want it to be clear that the people writing the best essays really want to be in college and study the things they are passionate about, and they can figure out a way it relates to the general types of things you see on mefi everyday. Also, it sounds like a fuckload of work, doesn't it? Like a few days of writing and thinking and hopefully we'll get some great applications from it and not too many that it's hard to read them all.
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That sounds great.
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mathowie, that is right on. Will the essays be available for MeFite viewing? I imagine there will be some great inspiration to be found in them.
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Matt, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. Actually, yes I did. But I would also think that mefites could raise a bit more toward this.

Is there a way of raising money that creates no obligations? How about this:

"All donations to metafilter in the next month which are in excess of $10 will be used by matt for a scholarship fund. Note that this is a blanket donation to metafilter and matt may go back on his word, cancel the scholarship and buy himself a trip around the world instead. No obligation is implied" (but we trust you)
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I was just taking a big bite out of a Polish Sausage, and accidentally bit a bunch of the wrapping paper off. Instead of stopping to remove it from my mouth and throw it away, I chewed, swallowed and ate it along with the Polish Sausage therein -- because I didn't feel like taking my hand off the mouse, which would have meant I'd be temporarily unable to scroll through this thread (keep in mind the other hand was holding the rest of the Polish Sausage.)

Isn't that kind of dedication worth a few bucks?
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I would very much support a donation system like vacapinta implies.

Also, perhaps just relating a MetaFilter post to the applicant's plans for education/advancement in general would be OK for the application -- some first-years don't yet know their major.
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Except he didn't really imply it, he explicitly laid it out, didn't he? [NOT ENGLISHMAJOR]
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Will the essay submissions be "blind"?
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Dude, you should totally use the money to sponsor a cyclocross race.
posted by exogenous at 2:28 PM on November 2, 2007

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