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There was a list in the last few weeks of a bunch of weird places to get christmas gifts. One was the american science supply and the author commented that a similar list was put up last year. Searching metafilter and ask metafilter has proven fruitless. Can someone get me back to the post? thanks.
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The one this year was in AskMe and was deleted because it was basically a non-question link dump but it did have some useful stuff on it. I'll see fi I can track it down, might be awesome to put on the wiki.
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And here's the starter page on the wiki, please make it look nicer, someone.
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American Science and Surplus is great, but to really appreciate it, you need to walk it's aisles. They have shit in the store that is way weirder than anything you will find on the web page or the paper catalog.

My friend and I plan on making a sci-fi short based around props made entirely from stuff we picked up there.
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thanks lalex. you're the best. Ever.
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Working on the Wiki. Feel free to recategorize any links I've miscategorized.
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quin: if you are serious and need production help, email's in the profile. I love the A.S.S.
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