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A follow up on this post. I saw there were a few members that had sailed on SS France / SS Norway / SS Blue Lady and thought they might want to grab a souvenir.

The store will be open to the public in 50 days (and counting), but if you subscribe (free) to the newsletter you can get access now. "We do not have a big sales department or administration, and to avoid capacity problems, we will portion out things we have saved from SS-Norway / SS-France in manageable portions. Therefore, this newsletter will be the only way of marketing the sale for now."
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Cool post. Can imagine the collectors may strip the ship to the bare bones and leave little left to deconstruct.

On the occasion I was on the ship and my little sister threw up on the SS France, in 1967 when we were aboard for the day, all over our mother's suede coat, photographs were taken for some sort of publicity, so I have my souvenir.

Recent pics of the exterior of the SS France, interior.

Vintage photographs
of the SS France. Videos.
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Thanks tellurian. I signed up. Need more funky blue ashtrays!
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Happy to be of service CunningLinguist, although a quick flick through didn't show any ashtrays.
Ha ha! from the auction:
"SS Norway Jukebox -
The Jukebox from the sports bar. If any jukebox has played for more people or created a better atmosphere it will suprise us. The Jukebox is on its way to our warehouse and we will have more details about number of CD's, exact size and other spesifications
[sic] as soon as it arrives." The illustrating photo clearly shows a vintage jukebox with vinyl all stacked up ready to drop on the turntable. The bid at the moment is €443.
The price for the posters seems a bit steep. They may be a limited edition set and the designs are brilliant but €385 (USD$559) seems rather high.
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Now you've got me googling. This is a pretty poignant last photo of the France leaving New York harbor on Sept. 5, 2001. via
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Great photo! It looks like a model.
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More information here. I'd say Club Le France Prestige can pack up shop too.
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