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Matt Drudge and Julia Phillips discuss why the web format (and blogging, by implication) is allowing the little guy to stand up to the old media establishment, and replace it. I remember Scott Adams predicting this in his book, The Dilbert Future. It's spooky how many of his predictions have come true (including the media killing celebrities for better ratings).
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heh. forgot category. *smacks himself, ashamed* Anyway, Adams, in his book, predicted that eventually the major media outlets will be replaced by people on the web who can serve as local media sources, reporting from their websites, all over the world. He wrote the book in 1997, well before weblogging had been established, and when Matt Drudge was just starting out.
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Coincidentally, Julia Phillips died Tuesday. I'm not a fan of her or Drudge, but I thought it worth noting here.
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Er, that link's to a NY Times obit (metafi, metafi).
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Jim Morrison, in the midst of a book of bad poetry I bought as a teenager, predicted the self-interview would become an art form in the future. That's prescience.
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