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Yeah, bye.

That's it. I am sick and fucking tired of people here refusing to read what I actually write, and instead subsituting what they have chosen to believe I have said. This thread is it. Despite repeating myself over and over and over and fucking over again, people have decided that it makes more sense to completely misconstrue what I have said--even when I have made clarifications. This is not new--there are seveal of you who delight in doing this. Krrlson and klangklangston leap to mind as the people who have most enjoyed goading me, but there have definitely been others.

Well, be happy! Especially you, klangklangston. I'm outta here.

This comment, by the way, was the final straw.

Thank you to mathowie, jessamyn, and cortex. You guys have a hard job.

Thank you also to the few people on this site whose posts and/or comments are a constant source of wonder and interest.

Thank you especially and most recently to wierdo, who actually took the time to read, as opposed to projecting.

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It's good to have you back!
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dirtynumbangelboy has closed their account and won't be able to respond here, so I think it's best to close this instead of having a one-sided flameout.
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