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John Lanchester mentions Metafilter in Dork Talk (normally written by Stephen Fry).

The briefest of nods, but notable from the author of the fabulous The Debt to Pleasure and writer for the LRB.
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But in the same breath as Digg. How utterly ignominious.
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The briefest of nods

Indeed. A mention so bare, one needs a scientific instrument to note it.
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But Stephen Fry knows about us, right? Right?!?
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he just doesn't know... yet...

*stares at wall covered diagrams of Stephen Fry's house, photoshopped images of Stephen Fry gazing lovingly into my eyes and pictures of Hugh Laurie with the eyes scratched out*

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MetaFilter: you can faff hours away
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But I am very busy listening to the Metropolitan Opera's broadcast of Lucia di Lammermoor, Not a waste of time at all.
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There's some kind of strange ansible connection between Metafilter and the London Review of Books. jennydiski, etc.

I love Lanchester - The Debt to Pleasure was excellent. I also enjoy his reviews.
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hoverboards don't work on water: "If new media is to challenge old media..."

How can you count as new media when you're just a linkblog? I think you think we're something we aren't.

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There's some kind of strange ansible connection between Metafilter and the London Review of Books. jennydiski, etc.

Indeed. We are the visible tip of that iceberg previously known as 'the audience,' and there are more than a few of us who hold professional ambitions oriented to the economic orbit of the publications cited. This holds true for US equivalents, it should be noted.

I, for one, welcome our ink-stained wretchlords!
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I'm guessing the Guardian doesn't serve one of those markets where, in the local variants of English, 'dork' is one of the words for 'penis'.
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Holy crap! The Debt To Pleasure is one of my favourite novels, and surely stands alone as the funniest and most unusual I've read. Odd to read him in an ordinary voice, after the bravura narrative performance I associate with him...
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Future of Web Apps -

Matt Haughey talks about online communities
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