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Hong Kong meetup. I need more friends in this connection-crazy city, so I'd like to propose a meetup. March the 22nd, somewhere in Soho?

Like, say, Barco's on Staughton? Shenzheners welcome, as always.
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I've been leaving this lonesome post alone in the hope that you would turn it into a self-dialogue, like that guy whose name I forget, but I guess you're not going to do that, so I'll leave a mercy comment assuring you that if I were in Hong Kong (or even Shenzhen) I'd definitely come.
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A self-dialogue? Like. you want me to mutter to myself about...

...the cost of chickens at the wet markets? $42 HKD / 斤。Screw that, I'll start my own chicken farm by building a coop atop the air conditioner just outside the apartment. That'll show those bastards.

...the abundance of 7-elevens in this city?

...Shenzhen as the new wild west, despite the lack of visible horses? But, for the full experience, you gotta get outta the SEZ. Downtown is the fake Shenzhen., yes, I am holding the damn handrail, Ms. Subway announcer.

...maybe I'll ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui for some curry tonight. problems w/ Mefi meetups. I've been to only one, in Winnipeg (1 other mefi and her husband), the others... Green Park (moved to next day on account of non-existent rain); Paris (No Canadians with red hair showed up, though the place had a brilliant omelette avec des fins herbs); Montreal (cold, people were wimpy). I should test this phenomenon out and go to some "Things-White-People-Like" infested urban area and see if I can kill a Mefi meetup.

For real self-dialogue, I guess I'll say that I'll put this on the sidebar out of desperation.

There ya go!
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I'm in Hong Kong! Why not? What time you thinking about on Saturday? Anyone else in?
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My sister lives in Hong Kong and I visit once a year...but not next week! Sorry!
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That looks like it. I guess we'll wait a bit longer and, Etaoin, I'll send you a MefiMail on Thursday to see what's up. At the very least, you can tell me places to go that don't have $50 HKD Coronas.

languagehat, apologies. Next time I'm in Ulan Bator, I'll set up a meetup and have myself a rousing bout of self-dialogue.
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<DIV CLASS="green scrolly">#mefi = bunch of fucking wankers</DIV>
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At the very least, you can tell me places to go that don't have $50 HKD Coronas.

7-11. Hence the abundance.
posted by Etaoin Shrdlu at 9:25 AM on March 18, 2008

I'm moving to HK on May 12th. So I'll be at the next one.
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Places that don't have $50 Coronas? Not sure about Corona pricing in HK, but for nice cheaper places to drink:
Joyce Is Not Here on Peel Street has cheaper beer and Jam Nights and Poetry Nights and various other things.

Club 71 has much cheaper beer and has an outdoor seating area (although now subject to noise complaints), and you might catch a glimpse of Long Hair. Also you can watch the stray cats roaming around, and if you are very lucky, you might see the BUNNY.

Another nice cheap place with character is Nirvana in Sheung Wan. Not sure it's open on weekends, but it has a good cross-section of the population there (i.e. not all pissed bankers - in fact maybe no pissed bankers). You'll find it near exit A2 (I think). The address is 65 Wing Lok Street.

For the other side of the harbour I'm not as familiar with what's available, but I do like the Castro Bar in TST, and the happy hour lasts a very long time at the Kangaroo Bar on Chatham Rd South (although you will have to watch a lot of Australian sport, so that may not be to your taste).

Sorry I didn't chime in on this thread earlier but I had planned to be spending all day yesterday in a recording studio.
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if I were there (and I hope to return in the fall) I'd INSIST on Ned Kelly's Last Stand on Ashely Rd. in , Tsim Sha Tsui.
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A Lamma meet-up would be very nice. For me expecially....
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