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Any Southern California Mefites have a fondness for obese beagles or Australian blue heelers?

I don't know if MeTa is the place for this, it's not really "Metafilter-related," but here goes. First off, thank you all SO much for the kind condolences about my dad. I got a lot of MeMails and even some e-mails, and it's really meant a lot. I'm flying there in the morning, but in talking to my uncle I realize that one of the biggest issues with my dad's passing is what will become of his dogs Nelly and Angel. He loved them a great deal but I'm pretty positive that nobody else in my family can take them on (and my dog haaaates them -- they keep trying to herd and corner her like she's a sheep).

Apparently right now the dogs are kind of lost and wandering around the house looking for my dad, it's pretty sad. I'm not going to kid you, neither animal is very well-trained, but Angel (the blue heeler) is young and would probably learn very quickly. She responds quickly to reward. My dad's previous blue heeler was NOT a nice dog, but Angel seems to be very social and attentive (my dad just had no clue how to train dogs, period). Nelly (the beagle) is really more of a big doorstop of an animal. I have no clue what he fed that dog, it must have a thyroid problem or something. Anyhow, I just know it would kill my dad all over again if they ended up in a shelter so I figured maybe this was a good way to quickly ask a bunch of nice people all at once. Worth a shot. (And if this isn't a good post for MeTa I totally understand so feel free to delete.)
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BTW, to give you an idea of how much my dad loved his dogs, his final wishes were to be cremated and have his ashes mixed together with his last blue heeler, whose cremated remains are kept in a picture box on display on top of his tv. The guy was seriously into his pets.
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My bro in law works with animals and has arranged adoptions. I'll forward this to him.
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Thank you.
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I'm gonna close this up. MetaTalk isn't a good substitute for a classified ad system.
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