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Yay! It's on! NYC MeFiesta! Thursday, 24 January at Blah Blah, at 8 PM. (I think it might be near the 7th Avenue stop on either the F or the Q.) Be there, or be, uh, absent. Worst case, me and Paris are going to buy each other drinks until we find something to disagree about — it won't be this!.

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I'm slated to be in NYC that night on business. How late you there? Out of towners welcome at Blah Blah?
posted by UncleFes at 9:32 PM on January 6, 2002

Of course you're welcome! This is a thing in NYC for MeFolk, not just a thing for NYC MeFolk. Right?

(Hey, where'd them extra <br>s come from?)
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Is Blah Blah a bar? Will they admit an underage person such as myself or should I come armed with a fake id?
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I guess it depends on how underage you are/appear, but I think Blah Blah is not likely to card you, tomorama; it's actually not very much like a traditional "bar" -- more in the lounge mode.

Glad to hear that this is coinciding with your visit, UncleFes: easiest route from Manhattan/Queens (for non-drivers): take the F-train toward Coney Island. Seventh Ave. is the 7th stop in Brooklyn. Get off and walk toward the back o' the train: exit at that end of the station. You're at the corner of 7th Ave and 9th St. Walk south along 7th to 11th St., hang a left and you're there. About 35 minutes from midtown if the trains aren't messed up.
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Since it's a weekday evening, I won't be able to make it as previously hoped. (As I can't leave Washington, DC mid-week.) But I hope you all have much fun!
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Kick ass! Provided the effing thugee don't throw me in a chokehold and make me eat paste-n-platitudes for a couple hours Thursday night, I shall be there.

How does one recognize a fellow mefi in a bar? The world weariness? The "I heart Steven Den Beste" t-shirt? Black Lotus flower pinned to lapel? Membership Number sharpied on a "Hi my name is..." sticker?
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We'll be the tough-ass lookin' Segway gang sitting in the corner, eating pancakes, with "Den Beste Boys" printed on our leather jackets.
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Is Blah Blah a bar? Will they admit an underage person such as myself or should I come armed with a fake id?

Blah Blah is not a bar. (But people in Park Slope are mostly over 30, so....) It's closer to a room with some couches, a fireplace and tables. It used to be someone's Garden-level home, and still feels like a big residential room. It's definitely not a macho kind of place (although I am). I thought it was a good choice because it's fairly quiet, and implies a certain amount of adventure to get there. Also, it needs business (the owner almost decided to close it a few weeks ago--I don't know him and amn't an owner).

The non-graphical instructions are: Take some reading material. Then take the F train until it leaves the ground and then enters it again; the first stop in the ground is 7th Ave. Exit towards the back of the train. Once on 7th Ave, head south towards 11th St., and then just up 11th St a few doors. It's on the left/north side (can't miss it since it's a residential street except for Blah Blah. Also, pray for snow. Once the F train comes, it's about 25 minutes to the 7th Ave. Stop (although it feels like more).

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I hope to be there but I have no idea how late I'll be working (I work in Northern NJ) so...I'll do my best. We should wear funny name tags or something with our MeFi logins as well as our names (mine are the same)

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Damn. I'm gonna miss it by a week or so. I'm going to be in Atlantic City the 11th thru the 16th.
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tough-ass lookin' Segway gang

And I'll be the corporate thug reeking of old-style Prussian wisdom and extraordinarily-high-pH bullshit. Save me a seat near the fire, eh?

it's about 25 minutes to the 7th Ave. Stop

Think a Manhattan cabbie can get me there? At less than, say, elective surgery cost?
posted by UncleFes at 11:16 AM on January 7, 2002

Yikes, no, a cab will be easily $20 and not that much faster than the subway — besides, the subway is nice and well-lit for reading.

Should we ask Matt to sideblog this on the front page? Or is this a MetaTalk cabal thing?
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Second that about the cab -- blah blah is so close to the subway stop that you'd probably spend the same amount of time in transit. And you get a nice view over Brooklyn and back to downtown as the train goes elevated after Carroll St.
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Come on. Taxi? Wimp. It's not 1975. You get on the F train. It would take you longer to get to some places in Manhattan. Read the NY Post or something, or talkto a friend. You get to see the new skyline behind you. And the Statue of Liberty. Besides. The taxi will be no faster, and probably no more pleasant. I just sent this thread to the estab's owner....
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Wimp? I live in St. Louis, hoss. You ain't in a car, you ain't going nowhere. Plus I'm looking at my pre-jaunt situation: first night in NYC ever, wearing a suit, woozy from meetings with other suits, a few beers under my belt, totally unfamiliar with the subway... just checking out my options is all. My Krav Maga is a little rusty, and I don't want to end up feeding the CHUDs, you know?
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So, Fes, how do you like that famous NYC hospitality? The only proper response, you should know, is: "I'll take any damn taxi I like, thank you very much, and what's more I'll beat you lazy-ass tunnel-rats to Blah Blah in nothing flat, and I won't have to look at your ugly mugs on the way, neither. (You got a problem with that?)"

Then, if you want the authentic underground NYC experience, I'm sure one of these gracious host-types will gladly help you navigate the subway back into Manhatten after....
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oh. there are no taxis in Brooklyn. Except the occassional one found at the end of a trip from Manhattan.

No offense intended by the above comments.

P.S: just seeing Park Slope may be a revelation to those who have never been to Brooklyn Also, I would be happy to aid anyone back to Manhattan. That is, once you realize I'm not rabid.
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Is mathowie going to be there? What about Miguel?
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UncleFes: If you want to meet me downtown at 7:30 or so we can ride out together and I'll show you how to work the turnstiles.

The usual way back to Manhattan for the subway-phobic is to call a car service — we can get as many as we need to haul all our drunk asses back to Manhattan at the end of the evening.
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Rastafari: Matt lives in San Fran, and Miguel in Portugal...
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Anyone else interested in a D.C. mefi get together? I'm more than happy to travel from Richmond, VA, since no one in their right mind would ever come here.
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two blocks from me!
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Heh, two blocks from a party I went to last week. F train is definitely the way to go, if a bit slow, being a local.
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So much for letting ParisParamus pick the time and place. Brooklyn and Thursday are a bitch from NJ. We'll try, though. I'm so tiny nobody will see me in a crowd, so for recognition look for my SO. Depending on your generation or your proclivities or the time of year, he's Santa Claus, Gerry Garcia or Grizzly Adams.
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I could do a DC Thang
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"Den Beste Boys"

Even if I could...I wouldn't.

Oh dear me. Plus I expect that I'd get into a fistfight with ParisParamus within about 12 seconds. Actually, that might be worth it, and tickets from Seoul to NY are terroristically cheap at the moment...
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meet me downtown at 7:30

Thanks, but that won't work. My bosses have me on a stick until about 9 or so. I shall be tardy but, inshalla, I shall be there. btw, how late we going, on a school night?

Brooklyn and Thursday are a bitch

A little late in the debate, PP, but is Friday a viable alternative?

usual way back to Manhattan for the subway-phobic is to call a car service

Isn't that the same as a cab? Or is it like a limo?

I'd get into a fistfight with ParisParamus

Nay - peace will be kept. Look to our shared Jeffersonian roots: "Nothing but good can result from an exchange of information and opinions between those whose circumstances and morals admit no doubt of the integrity of their views." --Thomas Jefferson to Elbridge Gerry, 1797.
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If some crazy, aberrantly-haired maniac leaps suddenly into the group, chanting 'the kottke is the sausage', and start whaling the hell out of ParisParamus, assume that I found a super-cheap flight, and feed me amphetamines until I go away...
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UncleFes -- a car service is a "gypsy cab"; not licensed to make on-street hail pickups (the "medallion" cabs are the only ones that can do this), and are summoned by phone. A flat fare is negotiated as opposed to a meter. Cost is about the same.

Friday night doesn't work for this guy, but perhaps others will not have the same problem. Also, we could rethink location if a significant # of people really couldn't do Brooklyn...

*ducks to avoid whatever ParisParamus is about to throw*
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I have no vested interested in the locale. I was my suggestion. But now I'm affraid to go.
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we could rethink location

If you guys could have it in the bar of this place, that'd be perfect :)

Thursday/Brooklyn is fine by me, just wondering is all.

Does Blah Blah have amphetamines available for Stav? You know, just in case?
posted by UncleFes at 12:11 PM on January 8, 2002

No day is perfect. My choice was Sunday night, when I'm not stressed and/or sleep-deprived from work.
posted by ParisParamus at 12:44 PM on January 8, 2002

It's true -- there'll be a problem for someone on any day/location. I'll retract my suggestion. And I don't know about amphetemines, but Blah Blah does have flocked wall-paper which could put Stav into a trance if he stares at it long enough.
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say hi to cosmo for me. and definitly use the bathroom while you're there.
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say hi to cosmo for me. and definitly use the bathroom while you're there.

Guess this thing probably has hit critical mass!

posted by ParisParamus at 5:59 AM on January 9, 2002

Paris, in the past when I have put these things together I have also emailed some NYC bloggers directly to tell them about the get-together. I would encourage you to do that. You'll increase your turnout substantially.
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late to the party, as usual. i hope some folks are still reading this thread.

i set up a yahoo! group to facilitate the planning of future events — maybe next time it won't take six metatalk threads just to pick a date and location.

sign up for the group at or just send an email to

i would love to see the list grow into a sort of new york mefi craig's list type thing (as discussed here), but for the moment i'd be happy with a decent turnout at blah blah.
posted by mlang at 10:31 AM on January 9, 2002

p.s. fwiw, the group name is pronounced MEE FIE ENN WHY, not MEE FINE EEE. so don't get any crazy ideas. there's nothing self-congratulatory about it.
posted by mlang at 10:34 AM on January 9, 2002

i'm coming too...

can we use the list to find soul-mates?

i heart mlang...
posted by goneill at 10:49 AM on January 9, 2002

I would encourage you to do that. You'll increase your turnout substantially.

If only I knew any.

posted by ParisParamus at 10:53 AM on January 9, 2002


When I read this, I hear it in the voice of Elmo.
posted by ParisParamus at 11:20 AM on January 9, 2002

read what paris? the original post?
posted by goneill at 11:25 AM on January 9, 2002

The word "Yay!" I've recently switched to watching Elmo as I drink my morning coffee.

Sorry for not insulting the entire thread.
posted by ParisParamus at 11:31 AM on January 9, 2002

The thread's been linked to the FP of Metafilter
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i haven't been on metafilter in months - everyone cool hangs out here...
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The thread's been linked to the FP of Metafilter

Great, my ignorance of subway travel logistics and cab types will be on display for all.
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UncleFes: i don't think that metatalk is that exclusive, and as i was going to work today i thought about writing to you and saying: of course you can take a cab, take a cab if you want. ignore all of those other meanies who would have you get disoriented on the subway and miss the gathering entirely. just make sure you say, "BROOKLYN" really loudly to the cab driver.

but then i forgot to write to you, and was just reminded now...
posted by goneill at 11:53 AM on January 9, 2002

no offense intended re the taxi. Its just that NYC Taxis are hardly comfy; and the subway, assuming you don't encounter a malodorous car, is really quite satisfactory.
posted by ParisParamus at 12:11 PM on January 9, 2002

The current Blah Blah e-mail says as follows (Which I assume is not just this Thursday?)

THURS 8:30 and 11:30: Band

Featuring musicians from Jewish/Latino backgrounds (including Federico Fong of multiplatinum Mexican rockers Caifanes), Los Hoodios are one part Latin-alternative, a chunk of bravado stolen from the school of Jay-Z, tempered with the mischief of kindred spirits Ween and Beck. But don't call these chicos the Jewish answer to Tenacious D or the Latino respuesta to the Beastie Boys, the Hoodios are out to overhaul the preconceptions of Latin music entirely.
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i believe the terms of a certain binding legal judgement prohibit you from coming within 500 yards of any location where you know me to be present.

i publically stated my intention to attend this function more than a month ago, long before you even knew there was to be such a function. therefore, you are legally bound to stay away.

don't force me to involve your p.o.

why don't you just go to double happiness or something? maybe some of the folks from will show up there.
posted by mlang at 12:23 PM on January 9, 2002

Forgive me for asking, but is alcohol served at the chosen venue? Or can one at least BTOB?
posted by ericost at 12:31 PM on January 9, 2002

but i wanna meet paris!!!

paris, paris such a sweet sweet name...

and mlang, haven't you heard: it's not ok to like

posted by goneill at 12:45 PM on January 9, 2002

more importantly, ericost, will there be pancakes...

we can always go around back and chug mad dog by the dumpster...
posted by goneill at 12:45 PM on January 9, 2002


maybe you should show up after all. it would appear that, without you, this will be an all-male party.

and as much as i dread the prospect of seeing you again, your pretty face will at least break up the hegemony of the white male geek oppressor.

i'll talk to my uncle (he's a real lawyer, passed the bar and everything) and see about a temporary suspension of the restraining order.

maybe, if all goes well, i'll get this monkey off my back and onto that of some unsuspecting sap. you seem to have taken an interest in mr. paramus. i promise not to tell him about your 'condition'.
posted by mlang at 1:10 PM on January 9, 2002

mlang - you are scaring everyone away.

posted by goneill at 1:21 PM on January 9, 2002

(just posting the obvious)
posted by goneill at 1:21 PM on January 9, 2002

/me runs out onto the front lawn wearing a terrycloth bathrobe and shouting 'no, come back! come back, please! i was only kidding! goneill's not crazy (at least not dangerously so). please come back! i love you guys! we'll have fun! really, i promise!'
posted by mlang at 1:43 PM on January 9, 2002

mlang - tell everyone you were joking. do it now.
(i don't have a parole officer. )

posted by goneill at 1:44 PM on January 9, 2002

/me sits down dejectedly on the grass, ignoring the dampness and chill brought on by the copious morning dew.
posted by mlang at 1:48 PM on January 9, 2002

'why does everything i touch turn to shit?! why, god, why?! all i ever wanted was to be happy, have fun, and drink with other people for once, rather than drinking all alone in my basement room like i do every night while looking at porn on the internet and watching tivoed episodes of star trek: voyager. won't you please sign up for my yahoo! group? won't you please come to blah blah? please?'
posted by mlang at 1:52 PM on January 9, 2002

mlang doesn't have a tivo
the binoculars are a little bit smudged though...
posted by goneill at 2:01 PM on January 9, 2002

machaus - I'm interested in a DC meeting

(this seems like such a boring thing to say after the last couple of posts...)
posted by Red58 at 6:52 PM on January 9, 2002

please don't be afraid of boring. we welcome and cherish boring.

i think i'd like a dc meeting too, eh mlang?
posted by goneill at 8:19 PM on January 9, 2002

Or can one at least BTOB?

Wait a minute, what's the T for? If one is going to use "one," then one should use O for the initial, not T.

"Can one at least BOOB?"

Doesn't that sound better?
posted by rodii at 8:39 PM on January 9, 2002

Will Blah Blah accept overseas phone calls?
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:49 PM on January 9, 2002

Miguel: I'll give you my cell phone number....
posted by ParisParamus at 6:24 AM on January 10, 2002

miguel email me and i'll give you my phone number.
posted by goneill at 6:24 AM on January 10, 2002

posted by ParisParamus at 6:25 AM on January 10, 2002

What's BTOB?
posted by ParisParamus at 6:27 AM on January 10, 2002

can one "bring their own beer?" [sic]
should really read:
can one "bring his/her own beer?"

posted by goneill at 7:04 AM on January 10, 2002

i posted some additional thoughts on the mefiny list in this metatalk thread. do you think we'll get any additional members? i wish i'd set something up sooner, when there were more people reading this thread. but i'm just glad to see that people are posting here again; i was afraid that goneill and i had frightened everyone away with our antics. i was on the verge of emailing matt to ask the smiting hand to go to town on my comments.
posted by mlang at 7:20 AM on January 10, 2002

oh, and don't forget byopo.

(bring your own parole officer)
posted by mlang at 7:23 AM on January 10, 2002

mlang: STOP
posted by goneill at 7:29 AM on January 10, 2002

One of those reviews says Blah Blah has plenty of interesting beers and froo-froo vittles. No hard stuff, though, so if you're the tequila-neat type, you may want to pack a half-doggy in your European Men's Carryall.

Do they have a back room or something? Or will there be a sign that says "Internet Dork Party This Way--->" or something? It might be a bit awkward just upping to random people and saying "Excuse me, are you ParisParamus? No? Sorry to bother you. What about you? Are YOU ParisParamus? No? Dammit. Hey, you..."

FYI mlang and goneill, I'm pretty sure parolees aren't supposed to be in bars. OR associate with other known felons, either knowingly or unknowingly, of which several Mefi may or may not be (that's right, I'm talking to YOU, Stavros). Anyway, both activities will get you violated back to the joint. Forewarned is forearmed.
posted by UncleFes at 8:17 AM on January 10, 2002

*whistles nonchalantly, looks off into space, kicks pebble
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 8:20 AM on January 10, 2002

i'll be the short loud girl...
posted by goneill at 8:44 AM on January 10, 2002

maybe you should show up after all. it would appear that, without you, this will be an all-male party

Says who? I'll be there, along with all my fellow drill teammates. Ha.

This Blah Blah lounge gets blaher by the minute. No hard liquor? It's 27 stops away on the F train? Latino Rap? Hey, if it's not Gerardo, I ain't listening to it.

That said, I'll be there with bells on. And a flask tucked into my garter.
posted by witchstone at 8:48 AM on January 10, 2002

witchstone is my kind of girl - is your hair as pretty as mr. suave himself?

me bells too! i want bells. i think that we'll recognize one another, i don't think it will be that hard. member numbers in permanent marker on forehead.
posted by goneill at 8:52 AM on January 10, 2002

for the record: flowers were delivered to my office, from a secret admirer: mlang, know anything about this you creep.
posted by goneill at 8:53 AM on January 10, 2002

Would you two please get a room?
posted by nicwolff at 9:02 AM on January 10, 2002

short loud girl... all my fellow drill teammates.

Man, this party is gonna SO kick ass :)
posted by UncleFes at 9:13 AM on January 10, 2002

yeah - there will be no shortage of women yelling...
posted by goneill at 9:14 AM on January 10, 2002

...and, in the Mefi tradition, no shortage of good reasons to yell. Bwa!

posted by UncleFes at 9:19 AM on January 10, 2002

guess what, kids...

goneill's boss hangs out with bob sagat!!! do you think we should try to find a way of getting him to come? that would really make the party jump.

just imagine: a drill team, latino rap, and bob sagat. now that's a party.
posted by mlang at 10:36 AM on January 10, 2002

holy cow, unclefes! i just noticed this post of yours. they've got you staying at the parkermeridian? that's where goneill's office christmas party was held!

unfortunately, bob sagat didn't show, but it was a pretty wild time nonetheless — culminating in a spectacular display of drunkenness when the managing director of this sedate financial services company vomited off the penthouse balcony on to the street eighty-something stories below.

(sorry all of my comments involve goneill; it's just that, well, she's my best friend and it's quite rare that either of us does something fun that doesn't include the other.)
posted by mlang at 11:11 AM on January 10, 2002

mlang - no more posts about my work...

it's really very sedate...
posted by goneill at 11:43 AM on January 10, 2002

Yep, the Parker Meridien. Is it nice? We're having two and half days of meetings and corporate thuggery there. The photos on their website look good, but you never know.

Bossly 80th floor penthouse off-the-roof cookie-toss? Heh. I once saw someone surreptitiously launch into a giant punch bowl... and not TELL ANYONE.

People kept unknowingly drinking the punch :)

There was fruit and booze in the punch, that's how.
posted by UncleFes at 12:11 PM on January 10, 2002

how about mlang and goneill arrive at 7:30 and start macking on one of these couches we've heard so much about. then, as the rest of us arrive we'll all know where to go.
posted by witchstone at 12:23 PM on January 10, 2002

Parker Meridien? Isn't that an Air France property? Lets just have the party in your suite, ok?
posted by ParisParamus at 12:33 PM on January 10, 2002

we've actually never macked...

perhaps that can be our first mack mlang...

the tulips are beautiful by the way...
posted by goneill at 12:38 PM on January 10, 2002

According to your bio at Mefiny, mlang isn't your type...? I would assume that precludes macking? I think we should stick with the Internet Dork Party This Way sign.

Forgive my elderlyness, but wtf is macking? If it's a combination of "mixing" and "snacking," I withdraw my earlier comment. Crazy kids, always going on with the teen slang...

Lets just have the party in your suite, ok?

Heh. No way.
posted by UncleFes at 12:58 PM on January 10, 2002

I think we should stick with the Internet Dork Party This Way sign.

What about wearing blue and yellow?

posted by ParisParamus at 1:03 PM on January 10, 2002

P.S. Getting to Park Slope is equivalent to getting to Hardvard Square via subway from Boston. (And for what it's worth, Park Slope is the part of Brooklyn which feels something like a cross between Harvard Square and Brookline, MA.)
posted by ParisParamus at 1:05 PM on January 10, 2002

posted by ParisParamus at 1:08 PM on January 10, 2002

ParisParamus: Good analogy. At least in Boston there are a couple of "shortcut" bus routes to get you across the Charles River, esp. if you're travelling from, say, Allston to Cambridge. Alas, the whole Manhattan-is-an-island thing kind of precludes cross-borough bus travel as a reliable alternative to the subway.
posted by nstop at 1:32 PM on January 10, 2002

sylvia is my dog.
posted by goneill at 1:33 PM on January 10, 2002

blue and yellow!!!
posted by goneill at 1:34 PM on January 10, 2002

paris - are you an ivy leaguer?
posted by goneill at 1:37 PM on January 10, 2002

sylvia is my dog.

Ah! Please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding.
posted by UncleFes at 1:43 PM on January 10, 2002

crap. brooklyn? I'm in hell's kitchen now but live in hoboken, going to brooklyn is like leaving the country for me. e-mail me when it stays "local". have a drink for me gang.
posted by remlapm at 1:48 PM on January 10, 2002

remlapm - don't be so lame.
posted by goneill at 1:49 PM on January 10, 2002

I know, I'm lame, I remind myself this every morning when looking in the mirror.
posted by remlapm at 1:58 PM on January 10, 2002

Blah Blah is less than an hour from the Hoboken PATH stop. And yes: I know the downtown PATH spur is out of order
posted by ParisParamus at 4:02 PM on January 10, 2002

No. BU, Albany Law and the Universite de Paris. I'm also a really nice person.
posted by ParisParamus at 4:15 PM on January 10, 2002

Not being 'old school' or '133T' I'm not sure if there are enough MeFiers in Chicago to warrant a gathering. If there are though that could be kind of cool. Put faces to names and all that.
posted by TiggleTaggleTiger at 4:21 PM on January 10, 2002

Gee thanks. I'll definitely be calling!

Uncle Fes: It's a great hotel. Not at all European. The best thing, apart from the large bathrooms, has to be Norma's, where you'll get the best and most gigantic pancakes with delicious blueberries. It all looks very French but, fortunately, it's just a glorious diner.

Last time I was there, in May, I ordered the huevos rancheros with chorizo - don't do it, man. It must contain at least seven eggs and three yards of chorizo. Don't miss them! They're probably the ideal preparation, alcohol-soaking wise, for the party.

When your French coffee pot is half-full the waiters whisk it away and bring you a new one.

All this adds to the envy. But I look forward to hearing Paris's lovely speaking voice(I've heard)and actually talking to any dear colleagues who can spare a flask-reaching minute.

Hope you all enjoy yourselves tremendously!

Now all I have to do is look up the letter correspondences for them numbers. Blah Blah's is 718-369-BLAH
posted by MiguelCardoso at 9:22 PM on January 10, 2002

tiggletaggletiger: good news! there's a mefi chicago party planned for this saturday. i think that bowling may even be involved (quaint midwesterners). see this metatalk thread for more info.

parisparamus: those are all fine schools. pay goneill no mind. her alma mater may technically be a member of the ivy league, but it (along with penn & columbia) has long been considered a distant (and rather unsavory) cousin by the 'real' ivies.

remlapm: no, you're not 'lame', but you're going to have to come up with a better excuse if you really want to get out of this party. it's in park slope, not canarsie. you can be asleep in hoboken forty-five minutes after walking out blah blah's door. quite frankly, i won't brook any whining about travel time from anybody — i'm coming down from fscking dutchess county!

unclefes: that puke in the punch bowl story is one of the most disgusting (and funniest (and most instructive — i'm never drinking fruity, chunky punch again)) things i've ever heard. the scary thing is that very serious diseases can be spread that way. yuck yuck yuck.

on a lighter note, in answer to your question, 'is the parkermeridian nice?', i'm not sure how to answer. i think that it was nice; i'm afraid i don't remember too much about it. there's a very fuzzy interval, after which i found myself about a dozen floors below the party, sitting in the stairwell with my head in my hands wondering how i'd gotten there. (but i say this: the stairs were very clean. who knows how long i'd been sitting there and what sort of stumbling i'd done to arrive in the position in which i found myself...but my tuxedo remained remarkably unsoiled. about how many hotel stairwells can one make such a claim?) i stumbled out to the elevators, knowing that i'd never make it if i tried to walk up a dozen flights of stairs, and i ran into a small group of regular (non-party-related) hotel guests. they asked me, 'are you working at that wedding upstairs?' and i stopped drooling long enough to slur, 'dooo i lok lick iiii'm workin?!' before inviting them to come and join in the 'great fuckin weddin!'. they wisely declined. and i made it back upstairs just in time to see the annual managing director balcony vomiting extravaganza.

witchstone: in texas, they call it 'muggin down', which has got to be one of the ugliest (yet strangely evocative) ways to describe making out that i've ever heard. but i'm afraid the only way you'll catch goneill and i macking on the sofas is if we've got our macks on with some third and fourth parties. we may get married someday, but our first kiss will not be in a park slope bar that doesn't even serve liquor. speaking of which, i won't have bells on, but i will also have a flask. not having a garter belt either, i guess i'll just tuck it into the waistband of my tighty-whiteys.

jennak & machaus & red58: if you can't gather a large enough mefi contingent in 'the district', i'm sure that some of these fine new york folks will be willing to metroliner/acela on down there and spice things up. just pick a time and a place.

confidential to rebekah in larchmont: you should come, but don't expect me to buy you drinks all night (and, to set the record straight, i believe i only bought you one drink; it was all the big, goofy guy after that). i'll pick you up on my drive down from the outer suburbs.

miguel: i win.

posted by mlang at 9:33 PM on January 10, 2002

Actually, if we all wear garter belts with a flask -- and each bring a different kind of firewater -- we can solve the group recognition thing *and* make up for the lack of a full bar at the same time.
posted by BT at 5:04 AM on January 11, 2002

BT, you're brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you!
posted by witchstone at 6:26 AM on January 11, 2002

mlang is buying other girls drinks?
posted by goneill at 6:54 AM on January 11, 2002

not anymore; no sir. i'm not even buying myself drinks. as you may remember, goneill, that night didn't end so well. this thread has seen enough vomiting stories, so i won't go into it...but i did get a backrub from a drag queen afterwards. so i guess the evening wasn't a total loss.
posted by mlang at 7:11 AM on January 11, 2002

nicwolff, bt, jennak, ericost, nstop, realjanetkagan, o2b, tomorama, doug, gen: none of you folks have signed up for the mailing list. don't you want to be alerted to future events and have enlivening discussions with your fellow tri-state area residents? i'm going to keep nagging you until you subscribe, so do it today.

sign up on the web at
or just send an email to

posted by mlang at 7:48 AM on January 11, 2002

i did get a backrub from a drag queen afterwards.

I'm buying mlang a drink. This story I gotta hear.

A fashion question: does the garter have to match my panties?
posted by UncleFes at 8:25 AM on January 11, 2002

Don't make a big deal about it, UncleFes. The concierge at the Méridien will provide you with one, no questions asked. Just wink and he'll know what to do. :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 8:34 AM on January 11, 2002

unclefes is reappropriating panties too!

mlang has been doing that for years now!
posted by goneill at 8:56 AM on January 11, 2002

reappropriating panties

more like "inappropriating" them :)
posted by UncleFes at 9:21 AM on January 11, 2002


No, the garter doesn't have to match your panties. It should, however, match your corset.
posted by witchstone at 9:53 AM on January 11, 2002

I tried to join the yahoo group but somehow managed to get annoyed and confused by it & gave up - but like I said in one of the many proto-threads on the meeting, I'll come out to blah blah on the 24th.

Though my garter belt is, uh, in the wash, or something.
posted by mdn at 1:16 PM on January 11, 2002

I don't have a corset :(
posted by UncleFes at 2:33 PM on January 11, 2002

I just unsubscribed to that Yahoo thing. What drivel!
posted by ParisParamus at 2:35 PM on January 11, 2002

i think that bowling may even be involved (quaint midwesterners).

Quaint midwesterners...?

Bitchy New Yorkers.

posted by jason at 2:14 PM on January 14, 2002

i was only teasing, jason. i love chicago. it's 'my kind of town' and all of that. where else in america could the haymarket massacre have happened? (and i mean that in a positive way, focusing not on the massacre but on the demonstration that preceded it.) chicagoans are smart, tough, honest, and friendly. and they historically care about working people. they're not as good-looking as new yorkers, but you can't have everything.

bowling was just too easy a target; it's not like this was a drew carey fan club get together. but i'm sure that it was fun. good turnout? good time had by all? we request a full report.
posted by mlang at 12:06 PM on January 15, 2002

paris: i am in complete agreement. utter drivel. not at all the direction in which i wanted to take the group. and i accept full responsibility. i failed to provide any of the leadership necessary during the early phases of such an endeavor to keep it on course. but i was waiting to see if anyone else would join before 'getting down to business'. and instead of gaining members, we're losing them (well, we lost you, at least).

so i post this here, asking you to return and to give us one more chance (with the understanding that i am (at this moment) drafting a series of messages designed to get the group on track and to take advantage of members' diverse perspectives and backgrounds, etc.). please, paris, come back to the fold.

i'm not promising a drivel-free group (a mailing list without drivel would be like metafilter without miguel cardoso), but i am promising just the right amount of substance mixed in with that drivel.

p.s. why do i post this here, rather than privately, over email? because i want anyone who is still reading this thread to understand that we at mefiny have Seriousness Of Purpose and that we are committed to being the best that we can be, even under adverse conditions.
posted by mlang at 1:18 PM on January 15, 2002

Mefiny: maybe it could evolve into a monthly meeting with a speaker on the state of the Web, or something: Kottke, MH, other luminaries?

The owner of Blah Blah just sent me the following e-mail.

Sorry for the late response, I've just gotten back from vacation and am
trying, in vain, to catch up.

Gathering on the 24th sounds great! How many people should we be

I don't know if we will have a band that night, but I think no band will
be better since it sounds like you guys might be whooping it up and no
band = better environment to socially butterfly about the room. I'll be
happy to comp you dinner - just tell the waitress that you have an
arrangement with me.

Tell your group that we do have a FULL bar. The review that said we don't is very old. Here's a newer one from the Zagat 2002 Nightlife Guide:

Blah Blah
501 11th St (bet. 7TH & 8TH Aves.), 718-369-2524

Nestled on a "quiet block" this "hidden gem" might be the nabes "best-kept secret" when it comes to a "comfy" setting "perfect for conversation". Love machines say "you'll definitely get laid" after a couple of cocktails here.

Actually, my larger concern is: what do I say to a bunch of people I've never met?! It would be tempting to play a kind of "To Tell The Truth" game in which I don't identify myself until Miguel calls on my cell phone....
posted by ParisParamus at 1:48 PM on January 15, 2002

P.S.: drivel is more a commentary on the quantity of the material than it's presence to any degree...
posted by ParisParamus at 1:53 PM on January 15, 2002

ps: the comp of dinner is for ParisParamus only. I feel like Ian Schraeger! Or something.
posted by ParisParamus at 3:08 PM on January 15, 2002

Oh, mlang, I knew you weren't being serious. Hence the *smooch* at the end. I mean, if you meant it, you wouldn't have given us the shout out, right? And thank ye! No need to butter up the whole city. :) (As it was once written, "...Chicago may not be sophisticated, but it's smart and will mess with you.")

Bowling was the perfect icebreaker, which is why I chose it. MeFiChi1 was at a bar, which went well enough, but I think there might have been some hesitancy at first to jump into conversations. (I'm of the same mind as ParisParamaus... what do you say to a bunch of people you've never met? Fortunately, I was just back from Vegas and had all sorts of stories regarding the Strip, cabbies, and the cute Ensign guy at the Star Trek Experience.) Get everyone bowling (or some other group activity) and suddenly everyone's into it, and people open up more. By the time we were done, it felt like we were all buds, and the following diner conversation that eight of us made it to didn't suffer any lapses. For the next MeFiChi, we're throwing around the idea of WhirlyBall.

We've tried getting the webloggers of Chicago together before, but it's always seemed like everyone drifted away again into their own corners. This time it seems like it might hold, and we tossed around a couple ideas for collaborative projects, including a pdf 'zine released over the web.

So, to answer your question, it went really, really well! No one offered to comp us dinner, though. Lucky!
posted by jason at 10:26 AM on January 16, 2002

Hey — I wonder if there are any open 802.11b wireless networks available from Blah Blah... Paris, can you check? If not and if one of the neighbors has DSL or cable I could bring an Airport hub...

Or would it be too geeky even for us to post from the party to a MetaTalk thread?
posted by nicwolff at 9:12 AM on January 17, 2002

I thought of that. Yes: very 1996 (Anyone remember the @Café on St. Marks?).

I would be curious to receive an e-mail from all those who plan to attend...
posted by ParisParamus at 11:44 AM on January 17, 2002

Here's a bizarre suggestion: at an appointed time, people in Manhattan meeting at the back end (not to be confused with rear-end) of the F Train at Broadway/Lafayette with pictures of pancakes.
posted by ParisParamus at 11:46 AM on January 17, 2002

nicwolff: I wonder if this wireless node (part of the NYC Wireless network) is close enough to Blah Blah? Though I fear our being irresistibly drawn to the computers -- I know I'd be tempted to bring my Powerbook...
posted by nstop at 12:05 PM on January 17, 2002

paris, regarding mefiny: you've shut us all up! mlang has given us the scolding we deserve, but has provided us with no leadership, none i tell you!

i've ruined the whole list...


posted by goneill at 1:37 PM on January 17, 2002

ONLY on the Web could I be a leader!

Nstop: that is SO COOL! What does it cost to get access to that?
posted by ParisParamus at 3:27 PM on January 17, 2002

Even cooler, access is absolutely free (assuming you've got a laptop equipped with a wireless card). This page describes the mission of the NYC Wireless project — basically, free public Internet access.

A few months ago a friend and I tested out one of the original nodes, at a New World Coffee on the Upper East Side. Worked like a charm. Your computer detects the network, and you connect. If a login is required, that info is either on the NYC Wireless site or available via email from the node owner.
posted by nstop at 5:22 PM on January 17, 2002

I can't seem to find a link to their Zagat's review. Can anybody pass me one?
Uh, ParisParamus, I guess there's no point asking you if there's convenient parking, but does anybody else know?
posted by realjanetkagan at 7:20 PM on January 17, 2002

Park Slope is relatively easy to park in on the street. But not that easy.
posted by ParisParamus at 9:11 AM on January 18, 2002

realjanetkagan: you can just keep circling the block and we'll hand you a drink each time you pass (in a brown paper bag of course) and fill you in on the sparkling conversation that i'm sure will be going on.
posted by witchstone at 12:47 PM on January 18, 2002

Anyone remember the @Café on St. Marks?

do you mean on Ave A off St. Mark's? The last few years that I lived on St. Mark's, that was my main hang-out (once they'd opened and after Cafe 9 had closed). I never used their internet access, though.

posted by mdn at 3:37 PM on January 19, 2002

MDN, there was an @Cafe at 12 St Marks, I don't remember the name of the place that's there now, but it was on the south side near the giant Kim's. It must have closed in 97 or 98. As for, I always want to shower after leaving that place. But their regular coffee is much better than Cafe Pick Me Up across 9th St...

I'm looking forward to this get-together, I just hope I remember to go. There is some dread about meeting online people, based on a 50-50 record of meeting people-who-seem-interesting-and-are vs. people-who-seem-interesting-but-are-freaks.

BTW, I vote for a computer-free meeting to force people into actually talking to each other.
posted by joemaller at 7:25 PM on January 19, 2002

i'm with joemaller: computer free...

how can you look forward to something and forget to go?

posted by goneill at 7:53 AM on January 22, 2002

Maybe the '80s were good to him. I have to carry around a notebook. Some days I have to check my driver's license to remember my middle name.

We still wearing blue and yellow?
posted by UncleFes at 8:25 AM on January 22, 2002

I still protest the non-Manhattan location.

And it's not a matter of being lame.. but an 8 pm start, and up to an hour back to Manhattan to get another train for an hour ride to New Jersey is just prohibitive. (So, I'd have to leave at 10 just to make sure to catch a 12:30 train that gets me home at 2 am? Crazy.)

While Park Slope is nice, it's just impractical for me. Then again, maybe it's on purpose - you really don't want me to come, do you?
posted by rich at 8:45 AM on January 22, 2002

Rich, think of it this way -- if you do make the effort to come to Blah Blah, the Brooklynites will have no grounds for complaint when you insist the next area bash be held in Hoboken...
posted by BT at 11:08 AM on January 22, 2002

I'd have to leave at 10 just to make sure to catch a 12:30 train
Oh come on now. It won't take 2 and a half hours to get from 7th ave to penn station. I'd give yourself an hour to be safe, but it takes about 25 minutes from the east village.

If people are concerned about getting off work at 5:30 and having nothing to do until 8, we could probably meet a little earlier (7ish?). Of course, nothing's stopping anyone from hanging out in Blah Blah alone, prior to the gathering, but I bet that would up the likelihood of people bringing laptops :)

MDN, there was an @Cafe at 12 St Marks
ah. I don't get onto the 2nd-3rd ave stretch of st mark's too much.

As for, I always want to shower after leaving that place
yeah, it's definitely on the squatter side of things, but to me that's overwhelmingly preferable to the generic yuppie options (i.e., wins over starbucks anyday).
posted by mdn at 3:56 PM on January 22, 2002

Well, it turns out that I'm not going to be able to make it this Thursday (yeah, I know you're all cryin' ;) as it is my SO's birthday and we're taking her out to dinner. I did get to meet a bunch of A listers (at least 4, more depending on who defines the list) this weekend though, so I think I met my monthly quota of webloggers ;)

I'm sorry to miss it and hope that somone takes many digital photos and puts names and faces together.
posted by gen at 7:11 PM on January 22, 2002

Well, y'know.. I'm making excuses because I can't make it anyway. Wife due and all any second.

Have fun and see ya'll next time.
posted by rich at 8:46 PM on January 22, 2002

I'd have to leave at 10 just to make sure to catch a 12:30 train

Look. I had a girlfriend in Hoboken for several months. It's about an hour to Hoboken: 35 minutes from the Slope to 14th St., and the balance on the Path.

I'm going to freak out if everyone is under 30 at this thing.
posted by ParisParamus at 8:59 PM on January 22, 2002

I'm 34, and act older, so don't worry PP.

Hey! You kids! Get out of my yard!
posted by UncleFes at 10:59 AM on January 23, 2002

rich: i know that i said you were lame, but i understand, and we'll see you next time...

gen: we'll see you next time too...

paris: mlang and i are under 30. (just warning you...)

posted by goneill at 11:04 AM on January 23, 2002

but we behave rather like octogenarians.
posted by mlang at 1:46 PM on January 23, 2002

Hi, everyone. If this little shindig is still on, I've just discovered that my work schedule will allow me to attend. Although, with trains and subways and all, I may be a little everyone wait up for me. MeFi's official whipping-boy will be in attendance. I'll be the skinny guy in plaid flannel.
posted by jonmc at 3:44 PM on January 23, 2002

Walk into Blah Blah and ask for the pancakes.
posted by ParisParamus at 3:59 PM on January 23, 2002

When I walked by the place before, they were showing the cartoon network on a big screen.
posted by ParisParamus at 7:09 PM on January 23, 2002

where are the pancakes, where are the pancakes...
posted by goneill at 6:41 AM on January 24, 2002

To everyone going, have fun, share the stories and pictures with the rest of us. :) I am sorry, I tried my best but unfortunately I won't be there.
posted by riffola at 6:44 AM on January 24, 2002

I'm 55 and I caught something from a 3-year-old that I still haven't shaken off (despite quarts of chicken soup), so I'm afraid we'll miss this one. Have fun, take pictures, take notes, and set up another Mefiesta so we have another chance to look at yer mugs, ok?
posted by realjanetkagan at 11:32 AM on January 24, 2002

Gentlefolk: I tried phoning y'all at the Blah Blah Lounge twice. First time the connection went flooey. The second time I got somebody nice who didn't recognize either ParisParamus or PancakeBunny but who said there were "a bunch of internet people here" and I said I'd take any of 'em and somebody said hello and I said hello back---or tried to---and then the line went dead again. Okay, I'm just gonna put my sick self back to bed. I hope y'all have a great time and that you'll all blog what happened tonight tomorrow. Uh, ParisParamus? If you like this place, do please tell them they ought to answer the phone straight up with "Hi, this is the Blah Blah Lounge..." Why does no one have any phone manners anymore? Party on, guys, and tell us all about it tomorrow!
posted by realjanetkagan at 7:32 PM on January 24, 2002

Oh! It was you. Miguel checked in by cell phone. A good time. But, alas, I was wilted from a day of work. Actually, I'm just a calm type in real reality, to some people's surprise....

About 15 people showed, some even with Mefi Accounts. No digital photography, or any other kind. But a good prototype for, perhaps something larger in Manhattan.

Everyone is so damn young! Also, someone was excessively eager to present her just-below-the-waistline bruise. Also, Beach Blanket Bingo with French subtitles was kind of cool...
posted by ParisParamus at 9:06 PM on January 24, 2002

Thank you, everyone, for making my New York subway adventure worthwhile. Please forgive the hugs and/or top-of-the-head kisses upon my departure. Fullers ESB apparently makes me into a smoochmeister. Sorry about the tongue, jonmc, that was an accident.

Who knew Paris was such a geezer! He walked in the door, it was like everyone shed ten years :)
posted by UncleFes at 3:55 AM on January 25, 2002

what did we miss?
posted by goneill at 7:23 AM on January 25, 2002

*winks knowingly*

sure, fes, you stick with that story...
posted by jonmc at 9:19 AM on January 25, 2002

for those that couldn’t make it:

the evening was pretty much a success. astoundingly, most of the attendees turned out to be decent human beings, capable of holding reasonable conversations without the mediation of a keyboard. other surprises:
  • unclefes is a woman — and a shockingly attractive (and well known) one at that. i'm not at liberty to reveal any more information…but i can give a hint: who's your favorite go-go?   (after jane, that is.)
  • mdn is also a woman (which shouldn’t have come as such a big surprise, considering the obviously female first name that appears in her mefi profile. somehow, though, everyone at the gathering just assumed that mdn would be a man; i guess something about the succinctness and directness of her straight-up three-initial username suggests masculinity (rcb not withstanding). oh, and yes, while we’re on the topic, mdn is also shockingly attractive, though i hesitate to say so out of fear of retribution from goneill).
  • parisparamus, palegirl, and palegirl's companion (rene(e)?) got into some hot three-way action during beach blanket bingo (maybe it was the french subtitles?).
  • jonmc is actually mathowie…or so we thought! imagine our surprise when (immediately following the aforementioned hot three-way action) jonmc/mathowie pulled off his apparent face (which was actually a rubber mask, oh my!!) to reveal that he was, in fact, hallie eisenberg. thankfully, barry bostwick was nowhere to be found.
  • bt, joemaller, and nicwolff all turned out to be really cool, intelligent, and interesting gentlemen — not at all the drooling morons we'd imagined them to be based on their posting histories. to call any of them 'shockingly attractive' would, however, be pushing the envelope just a bit too hard on the old camel's back.
not so surprising:
  • miguelcardoso called us on somebody's cell phone — and those who spoke with him assured the rest of us that he is 'exactly as you've pictured him'. however you imagine miguel to be; he is. all things to all people; the metafilter mascot (well, ok, co-mascot with the pancake-wearing bunny): miguel cardoso.
  • goneill never delivered on her promised table dance. several times she did begin…but each time, after she'd gotten her shirt off and was drunkenly fumbling with the clasp on her brassiere, some guy pulled her off the table, saying only 'i'm her boyfriend, damn it, and i'm not going to stand for such behavior'.
  • despite rumors to the contrary, stavrosthewonderchicken failed to appear (unless he was disguised as hallie eisenberg/mathowie/jonmc).
  • swift, as always, was a pretentious, annoying, blabbering fuckwit.
  • i embarrassed the whole group, tripping on the leg of a chair and nearly sprawling face-first on the tile floor right in the center of the bar.
other notable absences/tardy arrivals:
  • parisparamus, one of the event's key organizers, arrived more than two hours late — though, in his defense, there was apparently a 'very special' episode of friends on last night. and, after the bittersweet drama of that program, who can resist the lighthearted hi-jinks of inside schwartz?
  • witchstone, an active participant on the mefiny mailing list (at least until paris shut everybody up) was nowhere to be found.
did i miss anything?

posted by mlang at 11:57 AM on January 25, 2002

mlang: - are you trying to get mdn a stalker?
mdn: 'i'm his girlfriend and i wont' stand for this'
posted by goneill at 12:15 PM on January 25, 2002

mlang! I thought we had the " don't let the cat out of the bag discussion"! Twice!!

"shockingly attractive"?? [blushblushblush] I've really never considered myself more than "reasonably adorable."

Get this: I walk in, start looking around, the place goes silent (think Peewee in that biker bar) and the bartender comes up to me, smiles and says:

"Looking for some pancakes?" :)
posted by UncleFes at 12:34 PM on January 25, 2002

nicwolff posted a hilarious recap in the new thread.

(that's how blogging works, right? we're just supposed to link to each other all day long?)
posted by mlang at 12:51 PM on January 25, 2002

You've cleverly demonstrated blog-rolling at the highest level by linking not to my recap but to my link to your recap. I'm in awe.
posted by nicwolff at 1:58 PM on January 25, 2002

goneill: you're not my 'girlfriend', you're my 'fiasco'.

and before you get your knickers in a twist, please note the following:
Anne, putting down each plate as if it were a wedding present, stimulated them greatly. They could not lag behind that smile of hers which she gave them ere she kicked the drawing-room door. Mr. Beebe chirruped. Freddy was at his wittiest, referring to Cecil as the 'Fiasco' — a family honoured pun on fiance. Mrs. Honeychurch, amusing and portly, promised well as a mother-in-law. As for Lucy and Cecil, for whom the temple had been built, they also joined in the merry ritual, but waited, as earnest worshippers should, for the disclosure of some holier shrine of joy.
—E. M. Forster
A Room with a View
(emphasis added)
does this post make me the first suitor to propose on metafilter?

posted by mlang at 5:32 PM on January 25, 2002

damn, mlang, now the cat's out of the bag....
Oh , hell someone get me pancakes and a pepsi...
posted by jonmc at 5:51 PM on January 25, 2002

am i supposed to say yes here? i wanna big rock...
posted by goneill at 6:20 AM on January 28, 2002

"Wow, what a rock!" :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:20 AM on January 28, 2002

does miguel's post make me the first suitee to have two proposals on metafilter?
posted by goneill at 6:42 AM on January 29, 2002

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