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I can't find the comment about what happens when you show up at the ER for a mental health issue. I'm pretty sure it was in an AskMe thread posted by an anonymous person with bipolar symptoms, and I'm pretty sure it was sidebarred. (Is there a sidebar archive? Pony request!)

Thanks in advance.
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This one, maybe?
posted by TryTheTilapia at 9:09 AM on April 3, 2008

Seems like the right thread, though I thought I remembered a longish comment by someone who actually worked in the psychiatric unit of an ER.
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My comment, which isn't all that extensive, in that thread was in response to a request for this kind of information.
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(If nothing else, I'm happy to see the last follow-up in that thread, which I missed the first time around.)
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Not helping at all, but this reminds me of a problem I find in threads where an expert response is called for: people who are qualified to speak authoritatively on a subject should state briefly why they're qualified.

Like, OmieWise, you say some pretty credible stuff in that comment, but I would personally find an answer like that more useful if instead of just mentioning having treated patients in an indirect way, you (and others in a similar position) would just say at the beginning, "I am a mental health care practitioner" or "I am a physicist" or "I am a university admissions officer" or whatever. Because everybody and his brother thinks they know an answer, and when evaluating a thread like that, a clear identifier helps sort out who's actually informed and who's just theorizing, guessing, or enjoying to the sound of their own mouth-breathing.
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loiseau: I agree with you, but it seems that that some people -- especially doctors -- are reluctant to mention their credentials because they don't want to be on the hook for giving "official" advice. Some will disclaim their posts with a comment like "This is not medical advice," but maybe that's not enough? I'm not really sure.
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"I am not Steven C. Den Beste, but. . ."
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Really, 1? I thought people were arguing that you were his alter ego.
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That post made me cry. I'm so glad she found help.
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As for the pony request, I like the idea of a sidebar archive, or at least an admin-supplied "sidebar" tag.
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loiseau, that makes things easier for you, but when I start out a post that way, it means - and would probably be interpreted by a court - that I'm writing a reply, addressing the poster, in my capacity as a doctor. I try not to do that here on MF. I try to act more as a teacher who is conveying general information.

Also, by not doing that, I avoid the whole litany of people who come with "no you're not - prove it - post your home address so I can come when you're not home and see if you have enough expensive belongings to qualify as a doctor," as well as the nutsoes who hate doctors or who love an opportunity to engage one in tendentious, endless debate because it makes them feel smarter.

Fuck all those people. I don't have time for them. Hope that was clear.
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I understand you but that's not exactly what I mean -- I seem to be having a hard time articulating it.

To me, it doesn't really make sense to directly refer to having treated patients in a certain way without specifying in what capacity you did that. (This is not referring to anyone in particular. Just part of my general observation and it applies to many professions.)
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Really, 1? I thought people were arguing that you were his alter ego.

Oh, ouch!
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As for the pony request, I like the idea of a sidebar archive, or at least an admin-supplied "sidebar" tag.

Seems like making the archive of the sidebar available could be doable, or at least that of the most current, blogger-powered-since-2005 incarnation—the sidebar actually has a weird, bumpy history and I'd bet that everything pre-blogger is pretty much lost to the ages unless someone wants to get aggressive with archive.org or something.

The sidebar tag makes a crazy kind of sense, but the difficulty there is that many (most?) things that get sidebarred are comments, not posts.
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cortex: Why can't "sidebarred" be added to the comment flag drop-down as something only the admins can choose (since we don't have tags for comments)?
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Well, if we wanted to create an admin-only system for tracking sidebarred content, we probably wouldn't need to do it specifically through the flagging system. I like the idea of tracking the stuff, but it's more that we don't have any sidebar data-tracking in place that's the issue there, not trying to figure out how to handle the data entry itself. So, suggestion gamely noted but kind of beside the point. :)
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There used to be a sidebar archive. I'm sure of it because I requested it. What happened?
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I guess Matt eated it.
posted by cortex (staff) at 3:16 PM on April 4, 2008

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