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Canadian Prairies Meet-up In Regina in Early May?

Jessamyn is coming to the flatlands of Canada to speak at the Saskatchewan Library Association conference in a couple weeks' time. So what better reason to have a meet-up?

The SLA conference is May 1-3 in Regina and Jessamyn hasn't confirmed her exact dates of arrival and departure yet but the meet-up would obviously happen somewhere within that time frame.

Also, if you're interested in hearing Jessamyn speak on the topic of "Towards Open Libraries", she is the endnote speaker on Saturday May 3 from 3-4pm.

You can find out more information about the conference at

A couple other notes...
- I looked at the registration form and they don't appear to have a price to just come to the endnote. So I'd contact the Sask Library Association to see how to arrange that if you're interested.

- this year's conference is a joint one with the Manitoba Library Association so if you're in southern Manitoba (or able to get there), a "happy bus" is available for transportation. (See the web site I linked to above for more details.)

- again, I'm not sure about Jessamyn's schedule or other obligations while at the conference but I'll throw out Saturday at 4:30pm as a potential time for the meet-up...

- the last time we did a meet-up, we had it at Bushwakkers but I'm open to other suggestions. The Cathedral Village Free House might be a good place as we've had a few librarian social events there that went over well.

- on that note, would anybody mind if we make this a joint MeFi + "any librarians from the conference who want to join us" meet-up or would you prefer to keep it to MeFites? I'm a big fan of "the more, the merrier" but if the MeFites would feel outnumbered, I can see that.
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4:30 is going to be way too early. If this conference is like others, I'll still be talking to people and packing up my laptop by then. How about something like 6 pm and then we can do dinner/drinks etc. My guess is that even if we open it up to librarians, it will stil be smallish I'm also in the "more the merrier" camp.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 6:14 AM on April 13, 2008

Put me down for a definite "maybe!"
posted by evilcolonel at 8:30 AM on April 13, 2008

Will it be on a beach? Is there sand in your Regina?

Now I have to go write: "I must not pretend I'm clever" 500 times on the whiteboard.
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Put me down as a maybe too... sorry for the no show last time
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Man, first the Rough Riders win the Grey Cup, then Regina snags Most Dangerous City in Canada, and now a visit from Jessamyn?
Damn you, Gappers!

Considering the Manitoba shuttle will be full of Winnipeg librarians, I have my doubts regarding just how happy the "happy bus" will really be.

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Man, first the Rough Riders win the Grey Cup,

(sigh) You fail at Canadian football.

Ottawa Rough Riders (defunct)
Saskatchewan Roughriders (one word.)

Next week's lesson: How to distinguish Trifon's Pizza from Western Pizza.
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Oh go drink some Vico, you no daylight-saving bunnyhug wearer.
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I live here and don't know the difference between Trifon's and Western Pizza. Enlightenment please?
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(Unless the answer is "Neither is as good as Copper Kettle pizza.")
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Okay, hey. I just made all my reservations and I can authoritatively say that the evening of the third works. I'm staying at the Hotel Saskatchewan Radisson Plaza on the 2nd and 3rd. Where's a good place for dinner from there?
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Jessamyn suggested 6pm but I'd like to split the difference and say 5pm so that people who are at the conference until 4pm can stop by if they want to visit for a bit but don't have to hang out forever if they want to get on the road.

So, that gives us...
Saturday May 3
Cathedral Village Free House
2062 Albert St. (Map with directions from the conference venue.)

There's a reservation under "Jason Hammond" or "the Librarians" which will lead you to the meet-up.

I think that's about it. I'll post this on the meet-up calendar.
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Um, that's two miles away. Do people have cars? Is there another way to get there? My talk gets over at 4:30 and I'll be probably wandering out at 5 if anyone wants to head over together.
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Oops, I thought you'd said you were coming from your hotel after you had a chance to freshen up (the hotel is only eight blocks.) But there will definitely be people with cars that you can catch a lift with from the conference.
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That's cool, I had wackily assumed the "conference hotel" was someplace near the convention center. So, freshening up is in my best interests and maybe I'll try that. In any case, looking forward to it!
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Hey Regina is lovely! I'll be heading over to the conference in a few hours, if someone who has a car wants to grab me and take me back towards the hotel/bar, pelase introduce yourselves and say hi, otherwise I'll see you at the meetup!
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