Memorial Day MeFite Meetup in Detroit? April 13, 2008 11:10 AM   Subscribe

Detroit meet-up around Memorial Day weekend?

The Movement Festival is coming up. I will be attending (and it's my birthday that weekend as well!). Any area MeFites wanna meet up at some point during the festival? My plan is to get there around late afternoon on Friday, May 23 and leave Tuesday morning after the festival's over. It's an 18 hour drive from Texas, so Friday I might be delirious, but that typically doesn't stop me from going to Oslo regardless.

I will have others with me, but sadly, none are MeFites.
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I may still go to this if any of my friends from DC decide to go. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of DJs on the line-up that I'm that excited about. Serious techno is like my least favorite EDM genre. Deadmau5 is awesome, but not worth a 10 hour road trip for, imo.
posted by empath at 11:18 AM on April 13, 2008

The DEMF/Movement Festival isn't my scene, but I could be talked into driving to Detroit if Mefites are gathering for dinner somewhere.
posted by ardgedee at 11:55 AM on April 13, 2008

Ditto what ardgedee said, except that rather than driving, I would be catching a ride.
posted by bettafish at 2:27 PM on April 13, 2008

Oslo is no more. Sad but true, last I stopped by.
posted by Eringatang at 7:52 PM on April 13, 2008

Well, I know Oslo closed, but I also read that it re-opened, under new management. I also read that they still serve sushi, but have also expanded their menu to include other staples of Japanese cuisine as well.

Of course, I could be wrong. This is just what I recall reading when I last googled the situation - I was thinking about going there for dinner after a Wings game.
posted by kbanas at 8:24 AM on April 14, 2008

Yikes, that's what I get for not going to the festival last year. No more Oslo is a sad thing indeed. Well, I'll also be going to the Soul Skate party...

I don't know much about the restaurants in that area, but if anyone has suggestions, I'm game!
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 8:52 AM on April 14, 2008

I could probably make it to Detroit sometime that weekend.
posted by PhatLobley at 7:55 PM on April 14, 2008

Can somebody local recommend a restaurant for that Friday or Sunday, then? Friday would be ideal, but Sunday is also okay.
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 9:56 AM on April 16, 2008

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